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Let The Dead Lie Malla Nunn Let The Dead Lie DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA Forced to resign from his position of Detective Sergeant and re classified as mixed race after an incident involving a young black woman Emmanuel Cooper winds up powerless

  • Title: Let The Dead Lie
  • Author: Malla Nunn
  • ISBN: 9781405039208
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • Let The Dead Lie Malla Nunn DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA, 1953 Forced to resign from his position of Detective Sergeant and re classified as mixed race after an incident involving a young black woman, Emmanuel Cooper winds up powerless and alone in the tough coastal city of Durban, mixing labouring with surveillance work for his old boss, Major van Niekerk Patrolling the freight yards one night, he stumbDURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA, 1953 Forced to resign from his position of Detective Sergeant and re classified as mixed race after an incident involving a young black woman, Emmanuel Cooper winds up powerless and alone in the tough coastal city of Durban, mixing labouring with surveillance work for his old boss, Major van Niekerk Patrolling the freight yards one night, he stumbles upon the body of a young white boy and the detective in him cannot, or will not, walk away When two bodies this time an older English woman and her maid are discovered at his boarding house, he unwittingly becomes the prime suspect in a triple murder case.At Major van Niekerk s behest, Cooper is given 48 hours to clear his name and unofficially solve the three murders And so, temporarily back to being a European Detective Sergeant, he descends into Durban s seedy underworld, a viper s nest of prostitution, drugs and violence run by Indian gangsters To solve the crimes and save his own skin, he must place his trust in a mysterious figure who drives a white DeSoto convertible, a Zion Gospel preacher, and the exquisite yet streetwise Lana, who also happens to be Major van Niekerk s mistress
    Let The Dead Lie Malla Nunn

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      401 Malla Nunn
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    1. Hidden between two boxcars in the freight yards of Durban Harbour, Emmanuel Cooper could see the lights of a docked cruise ship across the water The fact that he was doing night surveillance work for his old boss, Major van Niekerk after having to resign his Detective Sergeant position when his previous case went horribly wrong, made him realize how low his life had tumbled But even though the words of his boss do not intervene do not show yourself rang in his head, when he heard sounds of distr [...]

    2. I enjoyed this second in Malla Nunn s Emmanuel Cooper series Not only has Emmanuel had to give up his job as a police detective and moved to Durban but he has been reclassified from white to mixed race He has had to take a lowly paid job on the Durban docks but is putting in some overtime doing contract surveillance work for his old boss Major van Niekerk When he comes across a murdered boy down at the docks he is given 48h to find his murderer or be arrested and charged with the crime himself.T [...]

    3. Let the Dead Lie, by Malla Nunn, is set in 1953 in Durban, South Africa, with World War 2 as a bleak backdrop I ve always had a fascination with Africa as a whole and have devoured stories by Wilbur Smith, Beverly Harper, Tony Parks, Katherine Scholes and a recent find, Margie Orford so I was predisposed to like it.From the back cover In Let the Dead Lie, Cooper is a changed man Forced to resign from his position of Detective Sergeant and re classified as mixed race, he winds up powerless and al [...]

    4. Malla Nunn has created a fast past exciting crime story set in Durban, South Africa This is the 2nd in a series there are now 4 featuring Inspector Emmanuel Cooper struggling in the early stages of an emerging apartheid world Nunn handles a multiplicity of characters deftly, without confusing the reader, and her ability to sustain an action sequence is impressive Many of the characters could be and probably are continued in subsequent novels Nunn s questions for discussion and her own interview [...]

    5. I got a bit tired of the constant reminder that Cooper had been in WWII, that he kept bumping into the right wrong people at the right wrong times and that a happy ending was inevitable.I did enjoy the insight into life in Durban at the start of the apartheid era and how people seem to work around the artificial barriers being implemented by the Government.

    6. Malla Nunn is my new literary crush While not perfect, this second Emmanuel Cooper novel delivers Nunn is great on place now I have to go to Durban And she so well describes the darkness and chaos that must be part of any city s underground, and Cooper is the perfect noir hero Nunn is the scribe of sadness and loss In this venture Cooper has lost his detective card and is working under cover in Durban, South Africa investigating police officers for the morally ambiguous Major van Neikerk The mur [...]

    7. Detective Emmanuel Cooper has lost his job, but not his passion Working ostesibly as a nightwatchman at the Durban docks in South Africa, he is moonlighting for his former boss, Major von Niekirk when a young slumdweller gofer dies from a slashed throat Befriending a working girl, with a myriad of underworld contacts, Cooper is arrested for the murder and then released for 48 hours to solve the crime and bring those responsible to justice.

    8. Let the Dead Lie is the exciting second novel from Malla Nunn featuring Detective Emmanuel Cooper series, following on from A Beautiful Place To Die This crime series, set in Southern Africa in the 1950 s, has a gritty, dark realism that explores the political and social system of the period Detective Emmanuel Cooper is working on the docks in the port city of Durban having been forced to resign his position and accept a reclassification as mixed race after the events in Jacob s Rest Despite his [...]

    9. The second Detective Sergeant Emmanuel Cooper book LET THE DEAD LIE has now been released, following on the from highly praised A BEAUTIFUL PLACE TO DIE.LET THE DEAD LIE takes Cooper into different physical circumstances, working in a very bleak city, doing menial labour and nightly surveillance work, there s a sense of loss and depression surrounding him This rapidly changes to desperation as he is implicated in further murders and has a limited time, and difficult circumstances in which to cle [...]

    10. This suspenseful novel from award winning author Malla Nunn is taut and tightly paced Set in 1953 in South Africa, a country that surrounds Nunn s country of birth, Swaziland, the detective novel masterfully blends all elements that are required in such a text Whether it is read as a sequel to Nunn s impressive debut novel, A Beautiful Place to Die, or by itself matters little, but that it is most definitely worth reading by anyone interested in the detective genre is a cert.The action in Let th [...]

    11. Let the Dead Lie takes the reader to post WW I South Africa Emmanuel Cooper, a recently re classified former detective, finds himself doing surveillance work for his former army officer, Major van Niekerk Emmanuel s problem of helping others in trouble and curiosity land him in a world of trouble in this mystery novel.Its been a while since I read a mystery, so this was a pleasant change of pace If I read mysteries often, I wouldn t have given this the 3.5 stars that I have because most of the [...]

    12. I did not read the first of the books in this series Perhaps I should have done so first to get a better handle on the Detective and understand his character This story takes place in Durban South Africa during apartheid South Africa It is about a detective who has to solve a murder case on the docks in a limited time periodNunn unfolds the case well and I found myself eager to find out what happened nextIt attempts to deal with race and classification I think this area could have been explored [...]

    13. Having thoroughly enjoyed the first novel by the same author, I was looking forward to this one, and I wasn t disappointed As a matter of fact, this one was easier to read because I had already learned so much about the race classifications for this era in South Africa from the first novel The main character, Emmanuel, is wonderful, and such a good guy that it is easy to get caught up in the solving of the mystery The plot takes so many twists and turns that it isn t possible to guess the outcom [...]

    14. I listened to this as an audiobook and it s always enjoyable to listen to Humphrey Bower It was also good to read of Detective Sergeant Emmanuel Cooper s story Unfortunately I was a bit distracted when I was listening at the end, so although I got the idea of what happened, the details are a bit sketchy, but I wasn t worried enough to go back and listen to the last half hour or so again, and that is all entirely my fault and not the author s 3.5

    15. The second in this series of crime novels set in South Africa in the 1950 s.Great detective work, fast moving plot, set again the political social issues of that time.Once again read beautifully by the talented Humphrey Bower.

    16. I enjoyed this second novel of Malla Nunn It is very interesting to see a glimpse of what life was life in an aphartheid era Detective Emmanuel Cooper is a complex character, very easy to like His character has continued on from the debut novel A Beautiful Place to Die.

    17. Malla Nunn writes about South Africa when the National Party was in power during the apartheid era Her main character is a mixed race guy who can, and does, pass for white He s been a cop, but for most of this book he is de registered Nonetheless, when he stumbles upon a murder, he must track the villain down I just love the politics of the author s perspective She could be writing about racist America in the 1950 s the cultures of white supremacy are that similar But she s not Her setting is So [...]

    18. 3.5 out of 5 stars I did not find this as riveting as A Beautiful Place to Die 1 in the series There are quite a few ancillary, unmemorable characters that seem to float in, have a scene or two to move the story in a direction, and then float out again However, it was nice to see characters from the first book as major players in this book, too Shabalala and Dr Zweigman as that not only adds continuity, but also adds depth to Emmanuel Cooper This is still a good crime novel, and the historical a [...]

    19. This one was definitely not as good as A Beautiful Place to Die You still have the setting in South Africa in the 50 s, which is original and interesting Where it disappoints is in the story which is quite confused and not very credible This guy runs incredible risks to investigate a crime, which is totally alien to him when the going gets tough, his old buddies drop in from nowhere to help him out The main character s mind is somewhat screwed up which I had not noticed in the previous book it i [...]

    20. A standard but enjoyable crime drama set in early Apartheid era South Africa Detective Emmanuel Cooper s mixed race background adds intriguing depth as he moves between the worlds of the upper classed and the disenfranchised in racist, racially divided Durban In this second novel of the Cooper series, the marginalization of immigrant Indians underscores the depth of prejudice that, for a time, ruled the country Absolutely no parallels to modern America at all No, really.

    21. New setting, new story but still another amazingly well written mystery novel Malla Nunn has done an amazing job with this follow up to A beautiful place to die , she s continued to craft some really wonderful and interesting characters while fleshing out the history and motives of the already memorable lead character from her first novel Overall are great second novel in what is shaping up to be one of the best series I ve had the pleasure of reading.

    22. Book two of the Emmanuel Cooper detective series I enjoyed Book 1 a bit but that is perhaps due to the unique premise of book Book 2 though continues to explore the underbelly of newly segregated South Africa while delivering a solid detective novel.

    23. I really like the setting of the books in this series, South Africa during apartheid, and the protagonist, DS Cooper, a detective who seems to have the worst luck, and perseveres Very interesting.

    24. Emmanuel Cooper ist als wei es Ghettokind in Johannesburg aufgewachsen 1953, Jahre nachdem er f r das Britische Empire in Europa im Zweiten Weltkrieg gek mpft hat, konnte der Kriegs Veteran und Ex Polizist im S dafrika der Apartheids Politik noch nicht wieder Fu fassen Seit den Ereignissen in Jacob s Rest Ein sch ner Ort zu sterben ist weniger als ein Jahr vergangen Cooper hat aufgrund seiner offenen Kritik an der Parteilichkeit der s dafrikanischen Polizei seinen Job als Ermittler verloren Er a [...]

    25. Let the Dead Lie is set in 1950s port town of Durban, South Africa where former Detective Emmanuel Cooper is dealing with the aftermath of inflaming the Security Branch in A Beautiful Place to Die With no police badge and a different race identification card, Cooper now works undercover in the Victory Shipyards doing surveillance for his former boss, Colonel Van Niekerk.When Emmanuel discovers the dead body of a ten year old white errand boy, he cannot let the crime go even though he know it wil [...]

    26. 2 Emmanuel Cooper mystery set in 1950 s South Africa Cooper, forced to resign from the police force due to the machinations of enemies in the Security Branch resulting from events in the first book, is now working the docks in Durban as a laborer he s also had his race classification changed to mixed race which limits his opportunities While he is doing his regular job he is also working a side job undercover trying to ferret out police corruption for his old boss, Major van Niekirk, who has tra [...]

    27. Another superb outing in Nunn s series about a detective constable with a conscience a bad combination in 1950s South Africa where the possession of a white skin and the right papers are paramount factors in one s freedom of movement and action Following the events of the previous novel in this series A Beautiful Place to Die , Emmanuel Cooper is no longer a detective and is not even any longer classed as white His enigmatic protector on the police force, Major van Niekerk, employs him unofficia [...]

    28. Let the Dead Lie, by Malla Nunn, a minus, narrated by Saul Reichlin, produced by Recorded Books, downloaded from audible.This book, her second in the series involving Detective Cooper in South Africa, has a prologue and epilogue which date back to Cooper s time in the war, and the finding of the body of a French prostitute, and his help in finding the killer rather than spending his relaxation time in bed with a girl In the main part of the book, he is no longer a policeman because of the events [...]

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