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Only For Him Shawn Lane Only For Him Barnaby Lassiter has had a thing for attorney Nathan Llewellyn since he began working at the law firm of Anderson Llewellyn and Stevens as an administrative assistant Too bad conservative Nathan doe

  • Title: Only For Him
  • Author: Shawn Lane
  • ISBN: 9781602726765
  • Page: 401
  • Format: ebook
  • Only For Him Shawn Lane Barnaby Lassiter has had a thing for attorney Nathan Llewellyn since he began working at the law firm of Anderson, Llewellyn, and Stevens as an administrative assistant Too bad conservative Nathan doesn t seem to know the flamboyant Barnaby is alive.But a chance to take care of Nathan when he is ill leads to a date, and then so much Nathan continues to have doubts.Barnaby Lassiter has had a thing for attorney Nathan Llewellyn since he began working at the law firm of Anderson, Llewellyn, and Stevens as an administrative assistant Too bad conservative Nathan doesn t seem to know the flamboyant Barnaby is alive.But a chance to take care of Nathan when he is ill leads to a date, and then so much Nathan continues to have doubts Barnaby is the hottest man he s ever known, but their differences worry him He s seen too many relationships that didn t make it.All of Nathan s fears are realized when he witnesses the popular, too appealing Barnaby in action at a club When Nathan thinks their differences are too much to overcome after all and breaks off their relationship, Barnaby is left with a broken heart and an uncertain future.And Nathan s left wondering if he s just made the biggest mistake of his life by letting Barnaby goGenres Gay Contemporary Series
    Only For Him Shawn Lane

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    One thought on “Only For Him”

    1. There is nothing I can really say that our friends Ivan, Eyre and Sandy haven t already said about this book Only for him is an addictive and quick paced read that Jack and I read straight no pun intendedlol through from the first word until the very last We loved Barnaby His utter sweetness, intelligence, humor, sex appeal and just all around deliciousness made him a fresh and interesting hero that our Shawn writes so well I don t know anyone who wouldn t continuously cheer him and Nathan on, e [...]

    2. OMG This series is going to be one of my favorite series I ve read in like forever Barnaby was the sexiest thing on two legs He makes me wish he wasn t just a fictional character He was totally sexy and I thought he and Mr Straight Laced, Nathan were dreamy together I thought this book was a fun and very sexy read with enough angst to keep it going I can t wait to about Barnaby s brother next

    3. I really wanted to read this book even though I thought the first one in the series was just okay because I really liked Baranaby I still like him and I like Nathan However, the writing is just flat The character lack depth and the plot is dull I don t need drama but I want deep character exploration and I just don t get that here.

    4. Like in the previous book, Only in His Dreams, Only for Him is a classic office affairs romance And as in the best office affairs, the two men involved apparently are not good for each other, but then they are perfect, like missing pieces of a puzzle Barnaby is a flamboyant gay man who, I think, hides his insecurities behind makeup and flashy garments he was orphaned by mother even before he was able to remember her, and he has an estranged father He was raised by a loving grandmother, but as of [...]

    5. I loved this second book of the series Barnaby the flamboyant secretary and Nathan the shy lawyer make such an unlikely couple that I was curious how they could ever get together, never mind stay together.Both characters were fun to watch, with lots of humorous situations at the beginning of the story As they progressed in their relationship, it became obvious that there was an underlying emotional depth to both of them as well The tension when obstacles started appearing held my attention Both [...]

    6. OK, I think this is my fourth SL book The premise of this book is good, which is what hooked me into buying it but, inevitably like the past 3 books I m let down once I start reading There is so much potential there but the characters aren t developed enough They all seem very one dimensional If just a little time was spent on fleshing out the characters I think it would make a big difference in my enjoyment of the books That being said, this was a sweet book with very little angst.

    7. I enjoyed this, to my surprise as I did not like the previous two Shawn Lanes I read before I decided to try the Only Forever series OFH is a light, easy read and I found myself fully invested the MC s romance I had read Only In His Dreams Forever 1 first and liked that, too, but Barnaby s character hadn t quite gotten under my skin yet In Only For Him, Barnaby comes into his own very nicely and I adored him.I m looking forward to the next book, Only His Heart Only Forever 3

    8. 3.5 starsI love the premise of this story because I absolutely love it when two people who work together also end up in a relationship I found it funny that a guy like Barnaby, who s fun, sexy, outgoing and flirty, would be willing to change his appearance and personality for a guy like Nathan, who s bookish, shy and boring as Nathan likes to think I really liked that while Barnaby tried his hardest to relate to Nathan on Nathan s level, Nathan liked Barnaby for who he is and had no problems wit [...]

    9. This story set my teeth on edge Nathan is not only a dork, he s slow and easily manipulated.Barnaby is a pushy brat.At the end of the story I got really frustrated with both of them view spoiler If I go to a bar with my relatively new boyfriend girlfriend I will be extremely upset if some friends of his hers decide to grope him her on the dance floor It is simply not acceptable if you are into monogamous relationship To me it was a huge turn off in this story Yet Barnaby pulls the innocent crap [...]

    10. Another great story by Shawn Nathan is so adorable with all his insecurities and Barnaby is really a beautiful character flamboyant on the outside but so true Since reading this book i had hard time getting into other stories Some scenes keep popping in my head like in the beginning when I really thought that Nathan has been poisoned I laughed at myself because for a moment, I forgot that for men having flu is like dying don t shoot me please, but I m talking from experience,lol I wanted of the [...]

    11. This is Barnaby and Nathan s story, who both work at the same law firm as Travis and Darrell from book one, Only in His Dreams They make a very cute couple I loved the bouncy Barnaby, who knows what he wants I had the urge to smack Nathan a few times, but his insecurities made for good heart wrenching moments and these were actually quite adorable as was he in all his geekiness They seem an odd couple at first sight but in the end I believed that they were a perfect match all together.

    12. I have read a few of Shawn Lane s stories but have yet felt fully satisfied until this one This is a classic opposite attract formula that really works so well I think it helps that Barnaby, as a character, is so adorable Nathan, on the other hand, will need a smack at least once, for making Barnaby s heart broken However, the ending is very sweet I love the idea of the two of them together.

    13. I hope this series ends up in paperback Only for him and Only in his dreams are both well rounded stories with just the right amount of light angst, chemistry between the heroes and hot sex So far I ve fallen in love with all of the heroes, but Barnaby is my favorite I can t wait until his brother s book

    14. Another sweet simple story but in places a bit repetative to the first book I loved Barnaby and Nathan, but the quick resolve after there first night together was a liitle to fast But overall an easy read.

    15. Like the others in the series, cute and sexy Nathan was a bit hot cold for my taste and Barnaby a bit too needy , but all in all a fun little read.

    16. 3.5 starsBook two in the series is another office romance this time between Nathan, one of the firm s partners, and Barnaby, the slightly flamboyant admin assistant I liked this one quite a bit although there were a few times that I could have cheerfully smacked some sense into Nathan Overall a sweetly romantic story with a bit of humor and it s a good continuation to the series.

    17. I really liked Barnaby in the first book and wanted him to get his man I was surprised by Barnaby s background and upbringing I liked that he pursued Nathan Sometimes you have to go for what you want Nathan did piss me off at times but I liked how it wasn t all perfect for them I m enjoying this series and look forward to the next book.

    18. I really liked Shawn Lane s office stories about Scott and Preston, so I picked up these series about another lawyer firm and I wasn t disappointed Light and relatively low angst story about flamboyant Barnaby and nerdy Nathan I have to say I too didn t like Barnaby s behavior in the club and I think he was the one, who had to apologize, but still I liked it all worked out in the end.

    19. I didn t quite understand Nathan One moment he wanted to be with Barnaby, the next one he was either hurting him or ignoring him.

    20. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsI like this author s smooth, easy writing style and the characters she creates Nathan and Barnaby are no exception There s a realism about them I really enjoy Both MCs have their issues, and it takes time for them to work out exactly how they work together I understood where both guys were coming from, and I liked watching the story unfold Barnaby was particularly well done It was easy to see his fun loving spirit, and his need to be wanted Nathan, for me, was a bit [...]

    21. ONLY FOR HIM is Nathan s and Barnaby s story and the blurb does tells a good portion of the story so I wont repeat that much.Barnaby is Nathans assistant or at least that s what Barnaby lets Nathan think he is when Nathan goes down ill Barnaby makes himself available to see him through this period of his life.One thing leads to another and both men finally gets a chance to be in the same room long enough to express an interest in each other and act on it The book moves as expected they hook up a [...]

    22. This is a continuation of the stories that started with Only In His Dreams not a horse in sight This is Barnaby the flamingly out secretary at the law firm and dorky law partner Nathan Barnaby s been crushing on Nathan but figures he doesn t know he s alive Of course Nathan thinks Barnaby s too popular to notice him When Nathan is ill Barnaby takes some files over and stays with him They sort of start a half assed relationship but the first morning after they sleep together Nathan says it s a mi [...]

    23. The promising synopsis about lawyer who fell in love with one man from his office made me to take this book However I was slapped in my face by the character Barneby, flaming gay vegetarian hysterical spoiled and add and you will have blonde bimbowait he was blonde bimbo who wanted all damper man The book was soapy romance between mr perfect lawyer and our blonde bimbo When Nathan got hint that dating Barneby could be mistake author forced him illogically back to the flaming gay bimbo s arms Te [...]

    24. Barnaby has a crush on one of the Lawyers at the firm he works at Nathan is everything he isn t, older, geeky, immaculately dressed and Barnaby doesn t know how to get his attention Unknown to him, Nathan fancies him too, but Barnaby being sent to look after Nathan when he was ill, wasn t his idea of a getting to know you occasion This was a gentle enjoyable romance about two men who met at work, a lovely relaxing read for a lazy evening.

    25. The both work in the law firm Barnaby is in love with Nathan but the way he looks is not nathan type He ask advice from his brother changes his looks and then nathan notices him but is looks everything.

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