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Payment In Kind J.A. Jance Payment In Kind It looks like a classic crime of passion to Detective J P Beaumont two corpses found lovingly entwined in a broom closet of the Seattle School District building The prime suspect Pete Kelsey admits

  • Title: Payment In Kind
  • Author: J.A. Jance
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  • Page: 221
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Payment In Kind J.A. Jance It looks like a classic crime of passion to Detective J.P Beaumont two corpses found lovingly entwined in a broom closet of the Seattle School District building The prime suspect, Pete Kelsey, admits his slain spouse was no novice at adultery, yet he swears he had nothing to do with the brutal deaths of the errant school official and her clergyman turned security guard cIt looks like a classic crime of passion to Detective J.P Beaumont two corpses found lovingly entwined in a broom closet of the Seattle School District building The prime suspect, Pete Kelsey, admits his slain spouse was no novice at adultery, yet he swears he had nothing to do with the brutal deaths of the errant school official and her clergyman turned security guard companion Beau believes him, but there s something the much sinned upon widower s not telling and that spells serious trouble still to come.Because the secret Pete s protecting is even hotter than extra marital sex and it could prove lethal than murder.
    Payment In Kind J.A. Jance

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      221 J.A. Jance
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    One thought on “Payment In Kind”

    1. I m on a J A Jance kick This is a Beaumont novel I like all of her novels and particularly Beaumont The plot is good and Beaumont is quite a character Will be reading soon.

    2. I liked this story, it was a good mix of detective fiction and police procedural I was not sure who committed the murders until the reveal due to all the red herrings that were placed throughout the story Well worth the read

    3. Another wonderful entry in the J.P series I love the way she s developing his character As always, there s a great plot.

    4. Big Al Lundstrom, JP Beaumont s partner, had gotten food poisoning and was in the hospital when a double homicide came in It left with Sgt Watkins only one option He had to partner Beaumont with someone he didn t like Detective Kramer had only one thing on his mind as he worked and that was taking all the credit for whatever case he worked in order to get himself promoted This case was no different as Beaumont was soon to find out.A woman and a man were found in a closet, half dressed, and dead [...]

    5. An audible book thru the EBRP Library The same man has read all the books in the series The biggest change in the series puts Beaux in AA I just can t picture Beau as a weakling that needs daily meetings to stay off the booze I ve read all his previous books nothing would make me think of him as a person needing AA to function Party, yes, but not habitually Having known an alcoholic, Beaux just didn t fit the bill.a

    6. This book offers a look at interesting interplay between detectives that is different from the usual partners interaction The mystery is good and the insight into the weather is different You usually think about Seattle and rain not ice.

    7. Really enjoyed this audiobook Pace was good, mystery full of twists and turns, the reader was easy to listen to, characters were likeable Can t ask for much than that Already listening to the next one in the series.

    8. The bloody corpses in the broom closet of a Seattle School District building looked like a classic crime of passion, but 20 year old clues pointed to something much sinister.This was a really good installment It had lots of twist and turns that I really enjoyed.

    9. OK read Not great Beau did a good job, solved the crime, etc Kramer s a klutz Watkins should apologize Nice of Beau to extend a kindness toward Max Erin should have been grateful Still third pref under Joanna and Ali.

    10. A man and a woman end up dead in a closet at work There are lots of buried secrets After lots of digging, the truth comes out It is quite the surprise.

    11. Another great book by J A Jance.All that author s books that I have read are great but this is one of the best Janice is one good story teller

    12. Fun read with some unusual dynamics.Usually I am highly entertained by the Beaumont mysteries, and this case was no exception The detective has to investigate a crime in a school that initially looks like a murder suicide Soon enough things become complicated and we get a whodunit with plenty of twists and turns and a thrilling conclusion with plenty of revelations.I enjoyed the fact that the author keeps giving us information about Beaumont s personal life and we get to see how he continues to [...]

    13. I got a kick out of another reviewer who said this book would have been great, without the bad language Nice to know I m not the only one who feels that too much offensive language in a lot of books is absolutely unnecessary to drive the plot line Anyway, this was another fun JP Beaumont book He s becoming a favorite character of mine I like protagonists who are rather grumpy, which Beau is But he is a hard worker in spite of inheriting a large amount of money , he s a loyal friend, and he is es [...]

    14. This is the 9th Beaumont novel in this series It was copyrighted in the early 90 s I love this series and I personally think it is J A Jance s best series I haven t read these in order, so it was fun going back and reading one of the older ones For those unfamiliar these books, they are straight up detective novels In this one, the bodies of a man and a woman are found together in a closet at a school Beaumont s partner is ill and so he gets stuck with a new partner he doesn t care for The woman [...]

    15. PLOT OR PREMISE Beaumont s case with a up and coming ambitious partner focuses on a woman working at the local school board office who winds up dead semi clothed in a closet with a clergyman turned security guard and the hints of an affairWHAT I LIKED The school board politics and the politics around the police station office are first rate, and it is nice to see a positive side to the journalist character who constantly hounds J.P A large cast of characters helps keep the story interestingWHAT [...]

    16. 9 in the J.P Beaumont series Beau is a Seattle police detective who is a mystery series clich the cop who is too rich to have to work Think Dell Shannon s Luis Mendoza or John Sandford s Lucas Davenport He is also an alcoholic, another clich He has just returned from Arizona, where he was at an alcohol rehabilitation clinic, Minor in Possession 1990 But, he is a very likeable cop with a distinct image Of the 18 books that I have read so far in this series, Payment in Kind 1991 is one of the half [...]

    17. Back from rehab in Arizona, Seattle PD Detective J P Beaumont is paired with the glory seeking Detective Kramer to solve the killings of a female school district administrator and male nighttime security guard whose partially unclad bodies are found in a janitor s closet by a young receptionist Beau has apparently traded in his active sex life for daily AA meetings as they compete to solve the case The novel fails as a whodunnit because Jance withholds important information from the reader and l [...]

    18. Found an older J.P Beaumont book that I hadn t read yet and it filled in some background in the timeline of his career In this episode he is called on to investigate a double homicide at the Seattle office of education Few clues at the beginning but soon some interesting information comes to light He is not happy to be working with a temporary partner, a young officer that is not very well liked and has an agenda of promoting himself at the expense of whatever partner he works with Towards the e [...]

    19. This was yet another well crafted, interesting, enjoyable mystery in the J P Beaumont series In this one, it looks like a straight up murder suicide Unhappily, Beau is saddled with his old buddy Kramer because Big Al and his wife Molly have both gotten a bad case of the flu This had enough twists and turns to keep it interesting and once again Jance made the characters sympathetic enough to want to keep reading The hatchet was somewhat buried between Beau and his oft nemesis Maxwell Cole If you [...]

    20. Detective J P Beau Beaumont is back on the job after leaving his rehab centre in Arizona and is now attending AA meetings and doing a good job of sticking to non alcoholic drinks As his present partner, Big Al Linstrom is out sick with food poisoning, Beau is teamed up with a detective that he is not too fond of to investigate the circumstances surrounding the finding of the bodies of a man and a woman in a utility closet Were they there on an assignation that resulted in a murder suicide, or we [...]

    21. I liked the Joanna Brady novels, so I keep trying the JP Beaumont novels, hoping I ll like it Not so much.OTOH, this book was written in 1991, and the occasional jolt from societal changes is interesting on its own level.Pagers instead of cell phones The impossible situation of a woman being in love with another woman, while staying married to her man and raising his daughter was that the hotter and sordid promised on the back cover yawn Oh, the ACTUAL sordid situation yeah, that s a lot nastie [...]

    22. This is 9 in the series of Seattle detective J.P Beaumont Really good, fast moving and unpredictable In this his first case since leaving rehab, he is still going to AA but nary a mention is made of McNaughton s his favorite Canadian Whiskey, as in all the previous novels Two bodies are found in a closet at a school district office, one of a security guard and one of a woman administrator The case takes several twists and turns and the ending is unexpected Beau also meets his grandparents in thi [...]

    23. I find the J P Beaumont stories real page turners The only explanation for why I was reading all night Thus, sleeping through an appointment this morning It looks like a murder suicide but Beau isn t so sure Plus, he is saddled with a new partner who is a real pain A twist at every turn on practically every other page we are being disabused of almost every fact we thought we knew Even so, after a certain point, I was able to determine the killer I was thrown a red herring and I thought, you mean [...]

    24. I love this series and I love Beau Who I do not love is Detective Kramer and I hope we never have to deal with him again I have never been a big fan of Big Al but he s at least tolerable compared to that jerk This was one of the few books where I feel sympathy towards the main suspect and hope for their innocence The ending was my favorite part of this book and probably the whole series so far I hope that story doesn t end with this book.

    25. I don t normally like to read books out of order You can miss character development when the character spans multiple titles However, I am really glad I picked up this book I like J.P Beaumont.Beaumont investigates the murder of two people in the Seattle School District office The investigation takes many twists and turns along the way until the final dramatic ending It s a book that was hard to put down I was able to guess part of the plot, but the ending was a surprise.

    26. J.P Beaumont gets involved with a double homicide that leads to him finding out that the husband of one of the victims is not who he says he is, which leads him to believe that this person was involved in the homicide It also allows Beaumont to learn about himself and to take steps to recover a part of his family that he did not know still existed.Same old J.P Beaumont story Jance continues to dazzle with this character

    27. Reread this book I sure couldn t remember than smidges of the plot Enjoyed it again and will keep it around.This is the second novel in a row in which I was surprised to encounter characters that are Mormons This book also has lesbians and bigamists The bigamist wasn t one of the Mormons.A fine mystery and an ending that proves to be a very good thing for Beau.I will put this on my home bookshelf I want to reread it.

    28. How did I miss this 1991 Beaumont mystery Beau is teamed up temporarily with the dreaded Detective Kramer, the partner from hell However, the two of them do solve the murder of a woman killed at the Seattle School District offices in what initially appeared to be a crime of passion but turns out to be complicated than that.

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