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The Perfect Place Teresa E. Harris The Perfect Place Treasure s dad has disappeared and her mom sets out to track him down leaving twelve year old Treasure and her little sister Tiffany in small town Virginia with their eccentric dictatorial Great A

  • Title: The Perfect Place
  • Author: Teresa E. Harris
  • ISBN: 9780547255194
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Perfect Place Teresa E. Harris Treasure s dad has disappeared and her mom sets out to track him down, leaving twelve year old Treasure and her little sister, Tiffany, in small town Virginia with their eccentric, dictatorial Great Aunt Grace GAG as the girls refer to her is a terrible cook, she sets off Treasure s asthma with her cat and her chain smoking, and her neighbors suspect her in the recent jTreasure s dad has disappeared and her mom sets out to track him down, leaving twelve year old Treasure and her little sister, Tiffany, in small town Virginia with their eccentric, dictatorial Great Aunt Grace GAG as the girls refer to her is a terrible cook, she sets off Treasure s asthma with her cat and her chain smoking, and her neighbors suspect her in the recent jewel thefts As the hope of finding their dad fades, the girls and their great aunt begin to understand and accommodate one another When a final dash to their dad s last known address proves unsuccessful, Treasure has to accept that he s gone for good When she goes back to Great Aunt Grace s, it is the first time she has returned to a place instead of just moving on Convincing, fully realized characters, a snarky narrative voice, and laugh aloud funny dialogue make The Perfect Place a standout among stories of adjustment and reconfigured families.
    The Perfect Place Teresa E. Harris

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      443 Teresa E. Harris
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    1. When Treasure s father leaves again and does not come back, her mother feels there is no other option but to take Treasure and her younger sister Tiffany to their Great Aunt Grace s while the mother attempts to locate the father Treasure is not impressed by the ramshackle house in a small town in Virginia, or with Grace s candy store, where she is forced to work dusting the shelves While Terrance, who also works in the store, is friendly, too snotty local girls are not, and give Treasure who ins [...]

    2. The Perfect Place is the bittersweet story of 12 year old Treasure and her little sister, Tiffany, who are left to stay with their stern great aunt while their mother searches for their absent father.I loved reading this story because it has a very vivid sense of place, and the narration is very relatable I also grew to adore Treasure, who is so precocious, but still so much a child All she really wants is a perfect place for her family to live a real home And god, she s strong.My hair is imperv [...]

    3. This is a rough little book story wise , but it rings true All of the character seem very real and interesting and you see who they are mostly through doing, which is nice Definitely the best LYRC book I ve read so far.

    4. A really good book Kind of sad at the end but if there was a sequel, I would definatly ask my mom for it Again, a really good book.

    5. What a great read Right up my alley with hard headed Southerners who are soft at heart, fantastic dialogue, child nerds, horrible PKs and tough sisters who are at the mercy of their imperfect parents So funny and heartfelt without being cheesy Also, ha ha ha, Mr Shuffle Great for anyone who loves words, doesn t know where their dad is right now, ever left an apartment in the middle of the night to avoid paying back rent or got stuck in the car with their mom who is barreling down the road to who [...]

    6. A Perfect debut Wonderful, painful and sometime hilarious plotting , prose that is true, sure and strong and deep hard won wisdom about home and family This book is such a strong entry in the realistic fiction category, I can t wait to start recommending it to school librarians and to young patrons of the library alike The bonus The narrator is a smart strong Afican American girl who is a vocabulary expert, struggling with how to cope with both an absent father and the resultant relocation to a [...]

    7. Originally reviewed at shaelit 2014 11 review the peThis book was an unexpected treat It s so unlike most things I read and at the same time filled many holes in my reading routine TPP is either upper MG or lower YA, filling the echoing void that is middle school without being too harrowing or cutesy It has a brown narrator Treasure never details her own ethnic heritage in a book that s not about race and an illness asthma in a book that isn t about illness It discusses money and strained family [...]

    8. I gave it 2 stars because there was not really anything interesting and I like of mystery things and there was really now suspense or really who did this or what happened to her it was like strait forward But it was really sad when the girl almost died and I didn t like that part because I was scared and sad.

    9. Treasure and Tiffany are two girls, Treasure is in her early teens and Tiffany is seven Their father is a man that is constitutionally unable to stay in one place very long In the past, he has left the girls and their mother behind and then after a few weeks he notifies them of his new location and provides a way from them to travel there.However, this time is different, the father has been gone for over two months and things are getting financially problematic The situation has reached the poin [...]

    10. The Perfect Place is a quirky little story that proves true happiness doesn t rely on perfection.Treasure s dad has left her and her family again Her mom is left angry, heartbroken, and with very little money With few options, Treasure s mom decides to take Treasure and her little sister, Tiffany, to their Great Aunt Grace while she hunts for their dad This is a huge adjustment for them all.There are so many things to love about this story Great Aunt Grace nicknamed GAG by Treasure reminded me a [...]

    11. Treasure is heart broken when her dad takes off and doesn t come back He has left before but never for this long He has itchy feet and can t seem to stay in one place for very long Treasure s mom decides she is going to go look for him She takes Treasure and her sister Tiffany to great aunt Grace s house Grace is an old, cranky woman whose house is full of dust and cigarette smoke, which aggravates Treasure s asthma She runs a candy store where she makes Treasure and Tiffany work while they are [...]

    12. When the story begins, Dad has been gone for two months, and Mom must move her two daughters, Treasure and Tiffany, out of their apartment in the middle of the night to avoid waking the landlord, who is owed 1000 in back rent Mom leaves her daughters in rural VA with Great Aunt Grace GAG , while she attempts to track down her rolling stone of a husband, who doesn t want to be found Tension between Treasure, who has asthma and is a wordsmith, and GAG, who smokes and can t cook, plays out in excel [...]

    13. Treasure thinks everything will be perfect when Mama finds their lost Dad They will once again be an aggregate and get the perfect place to live happily ever after Unfortunately, Daddy doesn t feel like being found which leaves Mama to dump Treasure and her little sister, Tiffany, on their bull headed and mind to mouth Great Aunt Grace Acronym GAG while she goes looking for him The opposing personalities, health needs Treasure has asthma and GAG smokes like a chimney , town conflict neighbors su [...]

    14. There is so much to love about this story There s such a perfect balance of humor to angst, heart to sass, and a fantastic cast of characters too It s the kind of book that begs to be read aloud it made me wish I had my own class of third to fifth graders to read to There would be plenty of giggles, but worried frowns too And so many things to talk about I could definitely see this being one of those books that a class bonds over And one that kids will go back to on their own Highly recommended. [...]

    15. Dad s gone Treasure, Tiffany, and mom, Lisa, has moved many times to suit his restless ways Now, it s been over two months with no word, the rent is past due, and they must leave in the middle of the night with nowhere to go They end up at Great Aunt Grace s smoky house in Black Lake, Virginia, while their mother tries to track her husband down Grace is a tough character, and the girls are distraught This is a story of hope, survival and the trials of a black family dealing with the loss of thei [...]

    16. Treasure s dad has, once again, left his family In desperation, her mom brings Treasure and her younger sister to stay with Great Aunt Grace eg GAG in rural Virginia Treasure is fed up with her family s situation and in no mood for GAG s rules and smoking I loved the characters and the way that they are realistically flawed.

    17. Nice debut Treasure and Tiffany have to stay with Great Aunt Grace GAG while their mom searches for their wondering father Nice debut novel.

    18. Everyone should have a GAG, to help you learn how to move on by letting god to keep your bacon both burnt and undercooked

    19. I enjoyed this book and think it is a perfect book for YA Tough kids and their mom trying to survive and a great aunt who rules her tiny area of the universe on her own terms Mix tough kids with skeptical auntie and watch out for rough spots I loved how Harris showed them melting each other s resistances.

    20. Simple, cute story It captures the day to day happenings in Treasure s life and how she does not give up hope, finds happiness her perfect place.

    21. I enjoyed this book and was glad to see an ending that wasn t really what the characters were hoping for It was very real Loved Great Aunt Grace

    22. This was a cute read that touches on abandonment, and finding home in unexpected places However, great Aunt Grace s chain smoking around her grandnieces bothered me.

    23. Treasure has on her plate than the normal kid Her father periodically abandons his family and she is usually left with taking care of her sister while her mom struggles to get out of bed As of yet, her dad always comes back However, this time, it has been longer than normal so her mother goes after him leaving Treasure and her younger sister, Tiffany with Great Aunt Grace, a.k.a GAG Grace is a curmudgeon with a tender heart that doesn t reveal itself until later in the story She s been single h [...]

    24. 263 pages This is a story about a 6th grade girl named Treasure whose dad has been gone for two months and mom is getting nervous On page it refers to her mom answering the phones for Mr Jackass.what the ___ By the mom They are planning to evacuate their home and leave their dad behind, wherever he is They are really being evicted Mom says, Jesus Christ, Treasure using the Lord s name in vain on p 10 I reluctantly read three chapters 18 pages and I did not find it too interesting The language is [...]

    25. I ll admit I didn t like Treasure I get that most of her unlikeableness was due to self protection, but she was still unlikeable disrespectful, rude, and unappreciative.I think the ending is pretty predictable At least, it s the ending you hope happens because you can tell it s the only one that has a shot of being good for the kids.

    26. I read this book just last week It was wonderful Of course, it had its flaws, but overall, fantastic I ll explain parts that I enjoyed, and parts that I feel could ve improved.I liked the characters personalities They weren t plain and simple, they were very enthralling That s what it takes to write a good story You need good characters, and Teresa E Harris had great characters.The main character, Treasure, had quite the attitude Never afraid to tell people off, had quite a mouth, as her great a [...]

    27. Huge thank you to Clarion Books and Netgalley for this ARC I really wanted to like this book than I did, and the beginning did keep me invested But once I d put the book down, I found I never found myself going back to it I d read a chapter once a week There s just something about this book that just never took hold of my full attention.Truth be told, The Perfect Place is a decent novel, but it s one that really depends on the reader s participation and whether or not they enjoy a lot of the ch [...]

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