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Bite Club Rachel Caine Bite Club New York Times bestselling author Rachel Caine is a first class storyteller New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris After discovering that vampires populate her town college student Clai

  • Title: Bite Club
  • Author: Rachel Caine
  • ISBN: 9780451233189
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bite Club Rachel Caine New York Times bestselling author Rachel Caine is a first class storyteller 1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris After discovering that vampires populate her town, college student Claire Danvers knows that the undead just want to live their lives But someone else wants them to get ready to rumble There s a new extreme sport getting picked up on tNew York Times bestselling author Rachel Caine is a first class storyteller 1 New York Times bestselling author Charlaine Harris After discovering that vampires populate her town, college student Claire Danvers knows that the undead just want to live their lives But someone else wants them to get ready to rumble There s a new extreme sport getting picked up on the Internet bare knuckle fights pitting captured vampires against each other or humans Tracking the remote signal leads Claire accompanied by her friends and frenemies to discover that what started as an online brawl will soon threaten everyone in Morganville
    Bite Club Rachel Caine

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    One thought on “Bite Club”

    1. I wonder if this would work Dear Rachel Caine,I really loved Bite Club but I notice an error or rather a few in it I don t know if you did it or some out of their mind editor but there was only one nekkid Shane scene and by that I mean Shane getting nekkid scene How could that happen Are you trying to drive us crazy Now I know how much you love your fans and hate to see them unhappy so I thought of a solution to make it all better In Last Breath you should include a nekkid Shane scene in each ch [...]

    2. 02.05.2011 PRE RELEASE SELF HYPING UP WARNING WARNING WARNING Dear friends,With the release date of the 10th Morganville installment coming up, I d like to take this opportunity to apologize officially in advance to all of you for my upcoming behavior during the next few days With a probability bordering on certainty, Bite Club will turn me into a total fangirl There will be squealing, there will be flailing, there will be lots of Oh My Gawds and sexual innuendos concerning the male characters C [...]

    3. SPOILERS AHEAD YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Ok people, rant time.So I managed to go through 9 books plus many other short stories of MV without even getting remotely bored Do you have any idea how big that is to me I cannot start a series that has over 10 books It terrifies me I know that I will end up being bored, it s just my nature MV, on the other side, is extremely special The books are short, to the point and super fast to read That s why I love them so much.And then something had to happen Why wo [...]

    4. I just finished Ghost Town, did NOT want it to end This is by far my favourite series, can t wait for this one Sooo far away.

    5. 3 1 2 stars for this one I love this series but this book really showed me some points I liked than previous books and some I liked less The drama within the Glass house reaches all new heights in this book Everyone has secrets from one another and not all of them are good In this book a new gym has opened up where a vampire is training humans and vampires alike One thing I must say is that it must be HUGE We get all the standard gym setups for weights, cardio, etc We have boxing areas, ratchet [...]

    6. Actual rating 4.5 starsNotice This review is completely subjective, bias, and is written by a total Morganville fangirl.There s trouble in paradise or rather, Morganville which is just about as far from paradise as you can get Nevertheless, things have been going well for Claire and her housemates Sure, Frank, her boyfriend Shane s once thought dead father is really alive and Claire s forced to keep the secret from Shane by none other than Frank himself But things could be worse, in a town like [...]

    7. Spoilers You know, every time I read one of these books, I never know what to say that I haven t said before I feel like a broken record Morganville Rocks Morganville Rules Rachel Caine is a freaken genius I love, adore and worship this series etc etc etcBroken record right So, since I ve said it before, I guess I ll just say it again I loveisries Bite Club is another mind boggling installment I don t know how Caine does it, but her story lines are so freaken fun and brilliant This is book ten a [...]

    8. Still loving the series and characters in Morganville I didn t give 5 starts because it seems this book was hastily written there were a number of plot holes and mistakes However that didn t stop me from finishing the book in a couple days I did like seeing the world from Shane s POV, but I think Rachel did that so the readers wouldn t hate him I wouldn t have minded hating him for a couple chapters I think it would have added conflict and tension overall I do hope she continues this and we can [...]

    9. UGH curse you Rachel Caine for not getting Claire and Myrnin to hook up aadfhaskjfhaslkdjjhf Hmmm okay so now that that s out of the way what can I say bout Bit Club, it was not as great as the others but I still read it in a day and will no doubt be reading the next one I only wish it had crazy Myrnin enter dreamy sigh Okay so it was weird seeing in Shane s POV but I quickly got used to that, to be honest I m really pissed of at Shane He s annoying me so much He needs to get over Michael being [...]

    10. After ten Morganville installments, I ve yet to be disappointed with any of these books by Rachel Caine Quite the opposite actually, I get and hooked with every book, and I end up kicking myself for burning through them so quickly because the wait is pretty painful, hence the intense fangurling that precedes each release.There s so much I adore about these books including the friendship between the Glass House residents Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael the twists and turns each book takes and th [...]

    11. Another fantastic addition to The Morganville Vampire series I say that over and over as I have gotten through each book, but they are so fun to read They are so different from other vampire books They set a new standard in the vampire book world and I can t tell you enough how AWESOME they are.Once again Caine has made this story come alive with new developing drama, a few new characters and unexpected turns that will make you ask yourself how in the world did I not see that coming It s brillia [...]

    12. Even vampires make mistakes This is a lesson everyone in Morganville learns hard in this latest installment Past decisions come back to bite them all in the rear end, as issues that should have been resolved have not been Someone has started a new extreme fighting ring, pitting humans against vampires in the ultimate bloody showdown Things hit closer to home than Claire could have ever realized when Shane starts slipping through her fingers and becomes the latest target She ll have to convince h [...]

    13. In this tenth installment of the Morganville Vampire series, Shane gets himself into a heap of trouble He joins the new gym in town and gets involved in a human vampire fight club Shane is glad into joining the fight club, but his vampire killing impulses make him an easy recruit He alienates himself from his friends as he gets sucked into fighting these high stakes matches The baddies behind these Immortal Battles need to be taken down in order to save the town and Shane s life.The Morganville [...]

    14. Since this is the first time I ve even heard or read about this series am I allowed to mention how much it s disappointing me I feel like the first couple of books were good, well a little, but now it s starting to feel like a chore to read them I really just want to finish this series and be done with it I have a feeling I will never ever re read these books Once I return them to the library I will never think of them again Now for some spoilers, I guess view spoiler So Shane is even of an ass [...]

    15. I ve always been a big fan of the Morganville Vampire series because I happen to live in a middle of nowhere Texas town I can relate, I practically live in Morganville, my town even has the ville ending in it.Basically the scenario in this book is pretty fierce, a fight club between vampires and humans friends are put against friends And who do you think gets recruited into this club After reading the tenth installment in this series, I feel this book is my least favorite Not, just because Shane [...]

    16. urg I love these books so much They re just so short At least they come out every six months.I want of Shane and Claire I really actually hate the idea of Myrnin and Claire together and everyone seems to be saying that they re going to end up together No Bad.I really love that these books are nothing like the standard young adult vampire book And they re sotiony Love it.I also really love Claire, in all the books This book seemed to have less Shane and Claire, together, than the other books hav [...]

    17. Quick review Cover Okay Rating R Thumbs Up 4Overall Man if they keep staying this good I might fall in loveCharacters Well DonePlot So much pent up anger why not brawlPage Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend MichaelSUMMARY 50 words or less This book takes us back Shane s old fears surface in the most unhealthy of way Unfortunately, Claire is the one to suffer Now it takes Claire and her band of friends to save Shane from death and himself This story was another engaging tale I [...]

    18. I finished this book last night, whilst I was in bed Usually if I finish a book in bed, I find it difficult to sleep, because the plot is whizzing through my head But sadly not so much with this book Don t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but I can t help to think that if I d read all the Morganvilles 1 10 straight I d be disappointed by this one About half way through I feared the plot was unusally predictable, and my fears we right I love this series, but in my opinion, this book fell flat in compa [...]

    19. RantFrom the beginning of the series I had a love hate relationship with Shane and was certain that this book would finally push me one way or the other, and I have to say, I hate that guy Yeah I get it, his life sucks, everyone he loves is dead, his dad was an abusive jerk, etc, etc This does not excuse him for being an idiot and treating Claire the way he did, or Eve and Michael for that matter Yes he was glamoured, but he was also self aware, he knew what he was doing the whole time Claire sh [...]

    20. RabidReads Another day, another Morganville Vampire book Or I should say, another day in the life of Morganville and Claire And the vampires What a series this has been, and I am not even close to the end yet Out of the blue, a gym has opened up in Morganville Not just any gym, but one that is run by vampires Shane is all about working out and learning new ways to fight the vampires, and if he can learn to fight from an actual vampire, then even better Since nothing much fun happens in Morganvil [...]

    21. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyIt s always a blast visiting Morganville After ten books, BITE CLUB is still as fresh and fun as the first, maybe even so The potential for new stories in this vampire run college town is apparently limitless The cast of characters is quite large by now, but the story never feels cluttered I think that s largely due to Caine s deft dialogue which is not only funny, but functionally moves the story along as well The plot never comes close to dragging, a [...]

    22. Finally, another book in the series DONE I can t say that it didn t take me longer to read it than I would usually read a Morganville vampire book, but there were a few other books I was reading at the same time Yet I couldn t stop wanting to know what will happen next in this one Every page and I mean EVERY single page was a question of Why Who How Even after reading the first 9 books in this series, I m always surprised by how different but interconnected each books is Not many can say that th [...]

    23. After my excitement of receiving this book in the mail died down from an extreme happy dance, I quickly started devouring the latest installment in the Morganville Vampire series I wanted no needed of the cast of characters and their constant struggle of vampires and humans coexisting together in one town In Bite Club, we get to see previous characters reappear, a new setting for the characters to immerse themselves in, and obstacles for them to overcome What I absolutely loved than anything [...]

    24. When Bite Club opens, the guys are excited about the new gym opening in Morganville, Shane especially, since they re offering martial arts It s vampire owned, with vamp and human members Shane loves it and starts spending and time there He s also getting angry fast and mean He s picking fights with Michael, Eve, and even Claire The angrier he gets, the time he spends at the gym, where Gloriana s been hanging out It doesn t seem to matter that she s a vampire, Shane can t seem to get mad at he [...]

    25. Some spoilers mentionedSomething is always brewing in Morganville or Nowhere, Texas In Bite Club, Claire s having an unusually ordinary day on campus until she witnesses her lab partner steal vials of vampire blood and then later finds him dead The mystery starts there and then quickly unravels into chaos Bite Club delves wonderfully into Claire s Boyfriend, Shane Collins, and all his dark, misunderstood and repressed tendencies He s a bit of ticking time bomb and woven brilliantly into the plot [...]

    26. In the latest instalment in the Morganville vampires series, trouble is afoot yet again but this time, we experience far than the normal struggles of Morganville Unlike all the previous books, the tight knit Glass house occupants are suffering the danger is coming from one of their own Whenever there has been trouble in the past, they have always fought it together, but this time, it s up to the girls to try and save not just Morganville, but Shane and Michael too.Bite Club mostly focuses aroun [...]

    27. Rachel Caine continues to floor me with this amazing series Bite club is the tenth installment in the Morganville Vampire Series and true to the rest of the series it does not disappoint The scenarios that Caine creates for this band of friends, well some are not so friendly, keeps me interested and invested to the very last page Are their grammar issues Well some would say yes but, who am I to judge when I use spell check Does it create major issues with the storyline I say hell no but other wo [...]

    28. Loved it This series just keeps getting better and better Can t wait for the next book Eve really shined in this one she was bad ass and really funny, and Myrinin loved him he s hilarious You get to see whats going on in Shanes head in this one, I have to say I m not liking him too much right now I have some questions I d like to get answered too like why did Micheal hesitate when Shane asked about Claire, does he have feelings for her hmmmm sure seems like it to me the way he s acting, just my [...]

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