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Red on Red Edward Conlon Red on Red A gripping debut work of crime fiction from the author of the bestselling memoir about life as a New York City cop Blue Blood May be the best account ever written of life behind the badge Time In Re

  • Title: Red on Red
  • Author: Edward Conlon
  • ISBN: 9780385519175
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Red on Red Edward Conlon A gripping debut work of crime fiction, from the author of the bestselling memoir about life as a New York City cop, Blue Blood May be the best account ever written of life behind the badge Time In Red on Red, Edward Conlon tells the electrifying and suspenseful story of two NYPD detectives, Meehan and Esposito one damaged and introspective, the other ambitious andA gripping debut work of crime fiction, from the author of the bestselling memoir about life as a New York City cop, Blue Blood May be the best account ever written of life behind the badge Time In Red on Red, Edward Conlon tells the electrifying and suspenseful story of two NYPD detectives, Meehan and Esposito one damaged and introspective, the other ambitious and unscrupulous Meehan is compelled by haunting and elusive stories that defy easy resolution, while Esposito is drawn to cases of rough and ordinary combat A fierce and unlikely friendship develops between them and plays out against a tangle of mysteries a lonely immigrant who hangs herself in Inwood Hill Park, a serial rapist preying on upper Manhattan, a troubled Catholic schoolgirl who appears in the wrong place with uncanny regularity, and a savage gang war that erupts over a case of mistaken identity A literary thriller about the twisted dynamic of a successful police partnership the tests of loyalty, the necessary betrayals, the intersections of life and work Red on Red tells an unrelenting and exciting story that captures the grittiness, complexity, ironies, and compromises of life on the job.
    Red on Red Edward Conlon

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    1. If you want gripping suspense or fast paced mystery, don t look here This story does not move quickly Instead, it forces readers to take their time, to wander the paths of the main character, to get lost with him, to feel his emotions and to see the minute details in life that many of us so easily overlook Edward Conlon is a cop writing about cops and his inside viewpoint gives readers something new to look at There is some mystery, some suspense, some police procedural But, at its heart, this b [...]

    2. Red on Red is a cop book, but not in the traditional police procedural vein While there is a thread of related and unrelated crimes none of these take precedence in this novel Instead, Mr Conlon offers us a lyrical look at the city he loves and reveals what it s like on the job.Throughout this book we get to ride along with two homicide detectives Meehan and his new partner, Esposito Espo Theirs is an unlikely pairing Meehan, Irish, withdrawn, dragging himself through the days and Espo Italian, [...]

    3. On a cover blurb, the Wall Street Journal says this book is, Full of adrenaline And Kirkus Reviews called it, One of the best novels of the year They must have read a different book than I did Red On Red starts off great with the main character Nick at crime scene then pace slows to a crawl with an in depth detailing of his thoughts and feelings And from there the book is almost a minute by minute recording of his life and thoughts.On the plus side, Red On Red contains some beautiful imagery, gi [...]

    4. Remember in your college comp class when you had that one story read aloud that seemed like the author had a checklist of literary conventions and worked tirelessly to hammer each and every one of them into the ground throughout the piece to where you wanted to scream, OKAY WE GET IT YOU VE PAID ATTENTION Yeah Well, imagine if that short story assignment was extrapolated into a fairly lengthy novel Fun No.I got to a point with this book where I was tired of all the heavy handed allusions and all [...]

    5. I loved this a moody love letter to New York City that also is kind of what The Wire might be like if it were a novel and set in NY and if McNulty were philosophical and less of a horndog and Bunk were Sicilian.

    6. I really liked this book It was a bit like watching a long episode of Law and Order but was much better than that I don t usually like a lot of description, but the author handles it wonderfully he really made place come alive for me This is partly police procedural although on the shady side and partly what seemed to be an authentic look at what it s like to be a New York City police detective Which makes sense, because that s what the author is I m a mystery fan, and this wasn t exactly a myst [...]

    7. Thanks to for this advance copy from the giveaways This book is about two NYPD detectives One is secretly partnering up with the other as a narc for the internal affairs division The story follows them through several cases that are somewhat interwoven Their relationship grows and the IAD cop becomes disenchanted with his role and starts to feel and protective of his partner until he is entangled in a situation from which they both must bend the rules I found the book a little hard to get into [...]

    8. I pulled this off a library shelf kind of at random it fulfilled my basic criteria nice and thick, no cats or swastikas on the cover, and it didn t seem to involve vampires And I enjoyed it immensely In TV terms, it s The Wire than Law and Order sharp characterization, great dialogue, no neat conclusions It s very realistic, not surprising since the author is a working detective Don t read it if you re looking for a traditional police procedural or thriller, but if you re a fan of the great Ric [...]

    9. Very much enjoyed this book, its a crime novel that is about the shades of gray in the relationship between the two detectives, as well as legal shades of gray, than it is about the crime aspect.

    10. The title of this debut novel by a NYC cop refers to what happens in wargames when the oppositional or attacking side ie the red team turns on itself It s a very apt title for a story that features plenty of blue police vs red criminal activity, but also plenty of blue regular police vs blue internal affairs , and red gang 1 vs red gang 2 drama Indeed, as in many of the better crime stories, there are all kinds of moral shades of gray flickering across the pages The protagonist of the story is N [...]

    11. This is a slow book it develops slowly, drawing out the various cases assigned to two cops, and rising to a slow conclusion As a study in character development, it is impeccable And it can serve as a model for young writers on how to carefully draw out a plot to the very end.Nick Meehan is a young cop who is gong through the motions of his job and of his life He and his wife are separated, with neither of them having the energy to either try to get back together or to take the final step toward [...]

    12. Be warned, those readers thinking that they are about to read a straightforward this is the crime committed, this is how the crime was solved type book will be disappointed This book is really about relationships, particularly the relationship between Nick Meehan and his partner, Esposito, but to a lesser extent the other cops in their precinct as well as the criminals they encounter I really appreciated Conlon s depictions of the life of a cop He spotlights not so much the excitement of what we [...]

    13. Red on Red is a gritty, introspective mystery that takes readers into the mind of detective Nick Meehan and his partner, detective Esposito, whom the Internal Affairs Bureau IAB has recruited Meehan to keep an eye on I found it slow to get into but ultimately quite rewarding, with a few points of note that make it a departure from other mysteries I ve read First of all, unlike most books in the genre, there isn t really one central mystery that the detectives devote all their time to solving, bu [...]

    14. Two most unlikely NYPD detectives work to solve cases Meehan is by the book and is to spy on his partner, Esposito, who is known to take liberties to solve his cases Rumor has it that he even accepts bribes What is the truth As the relationship develops between them, one begins to understand both men who are unpopular with the rest of the squad.Meehan s marriage is falling apart but his partnership with Esposito is strengthening as the two find that they work together well Their cases include a [...]

    15. 3.5 stars RED on RED has so many admirable and dissatisying aspects to it that it s hard to decide how many stars it really earns Unlike many authors in this genre, Edward Conlon can definitely write, and, being an NYC detective himself, shows impressive authority on his subject The police lingo and wisecracking NYC humor are very real, without the overdoings that we often see in this setting, and Conlon s metaphors and similes are frequently just plain brilliant Yet, he often tries a bit too ha [...]

    16. A gritty literary epic of police life as it often is, rather than the fiction of TV and film.The title comes from street lingo for criminals killing other criminals But it might as likely be applied to the relationship between Meehan and Esposito The former, in limbo as a result of marital difficulties and insecurity about his life, has accepted assignment as an Internal Affairs field associate in order to transfer to this squad Ironically, the change has him partnered with the IAB target A pers [...]

    17. Red on Red by Edward Conlon is an action packed fiction book about the life of a detective in one of the harshest environments to have such a job New York City The detective works day and night as a homicide investigator with an intriguing partner on the job As the case goes from cold to hot in a series of very unusual events, the cop now had gotten deeper into something mysterious than he could have thought After his father dies unexpectedly, and after having an affair, he becomes confused, de [...]

    18. Smart, funny, compelling first novel by a cop about cops I have no idea why all the lukewarm reviews here this was a great debut novel The author is a Harvard educated NYPD detective, and his protagonist seems like one too, an introspective and philosophical man who is always thinking at several levels and would have done well in philosophy or semiotics courses at a top end university Teamed with a less cerebral partner who may or may not be corrupt, tasked to ferret out the partner s corruption [...]

    19. This book is so much better than the many lukewarm reviews I have read of it I think it is mainly a problem of expectations This is emphatically not a plot driven story There are many threads involving several cases which are improbably connected than is strictly believable That s why we gladly suspend our disbelief None of that matters as much, anyway, if you get into the actual story here, which is the story of a partnership, begun out of a kind of betrayal but growing, in spite of the odds, [...]

    20. Having been a regulator in my past life, I found this novel to be very meaty in its content.From the back cover In Red on Red , Edward Conlon captures the vibrant dynamic of a successful police partnership between two NYPD detectives the tests of loyalty, the necessary betrayals, the wedding of life and work Meehan and Esposito one damaged and introspective, the other ambitious and unscrupulous Meehan is compelled by haunting and elusive stories that defy easy resolution, while Esposito is drawn [...]

    21. Red on Red is the fiction debut of Edward Conlon, author of the memoir Blue Blood He is a detective with the NYPD, and it shows in the structure of Red on Red The novel follows two NYPD detectives, Meehan and Esposito, who get along despite, or perhaps because of, their very different styles We meet them as they work a night shift and catch several cases These cases play out over the course of the novel.Most crime novels I ve read are clearly about a single crime from the very beginning The fact [...]

    22. FirstReads Giveaway thank you The writing and storylines in Red on Red are original and vividly written Occasionally it s so honest in its descriptions, that you cringe Conlon gives you peeks into real police life than most authors usually dare The characters are wonderfully flawed and realistic I often wondered if the author pulled them from the NYCPD and if so, would they recognize themselves in the novel Conlon didn t pull any punches so you d like the characters They were who they were Thos [...]

    23. Ambitious cop novel by actual NYC detective The story revolves around Nick Meehan, who is bored and at loose ends in several aspects of life, and his partner Esposito, who is under investigation by Internal Affairs Nick is helping, sort of, but is conflicted about it We re talking drug dealers and street thugs, psycho rapists and hottie florists.And we re also talking a lot of time in Nick s head, where no thought is too weird or insignificant to go unexplored At length.Strong points Good dialog [...]

    24. AwfulRead up to 11 percent of the book and could go no further This book was one of the most boring I have ever read I am still trying to understand the high recommendations.

    25. I remembered that when this book came out that it was well received by reviewers When I saw it at a book sale, I picked it up Not sure what reviewers saw in this one Was disappointed by a disjointed plot I also do not like books where the main character is difficult to relate to and is an anti hero Given the climax of the book, it could have been much shorter without all the wish washy thoughts of Nick Meehan, who appears to not like being a cop.

    26. This is one novel that will resonate with all fans of thriller, suspense, and stories about the inner workings of a human mind when it comes to loyalty, belief, and the need to be the absolute best in their chosen field Although this is a complicated tale, this author was the one who gifted the world with the amazing memoir, Blue Blood, and once again challenges the reader by offering up a clear vision of how tough, strong, and relentless one must be if they are living the life as a member of th [...]

    27. The author a NYC police detective turns to fiction after his memoir Blue Blood Red On Red chronicles a day in the lives actually about six months of NYPD Detectives Meehan and Esposito two partners who couldn t be different, sound familiar Meehan is brooding, introspective and battling psychological demons Esposito is the proverbial bull in the china shop ambitious, unscrupulous and boisterous, sound even familiar Billed as a police procedural and a thriller it somewhat succeeds as the former, [...]

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