Stranded, Seduced...Pregnant #2020

Stranded, Seduced...Pregnant Kim Lawrence Stranded Seduced Pregnant From pure to pregnant Lovely Neve Macleod s life is shrouded by scandal The tabloids delight in branding her a scarlet widow but in reality her marriage was for convenience She s still a virgin and

  • Title: Stranded, Seduced...Pregnant
  • Author: Kim Lawrence
  • ISBN: 9780263878653
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stranded, Seduced...Pregnant Kim Lawrence From pure to pregnant Lovely Neve Macleod s life is shrouded by scandal The tabloids delight in branding her a scarlet widow, but in reality her marriage was for convenience She s still a virgin, and a caring single stepmother but no one wants to hear the truthThat is until she finds herself stranded and snowbound with brooding tycoon Severo Constanza an unlikeFrom pure to pregnant Lovely Neve Macleod s life is shrouded by scandal The tabloids delight in branding her a scarlet widow, but in reality her marriage was for convenience She s still a virgin, and a caring single stepmother but no one wants to hear the truthThat is until she finds herself stranded and snowbound with brooding tycoon Severo Constanza an unlikely saviour As the magnificent Italian comes to her rescue he knows nothing of her salacious past just that she s pure at present
    Stranded, Seduced...Pregnant Kim Lawrence

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    1. If there were a prize for the stupidest book character ever created in the history of man kind, this would be a top contender Completely unreadable story with possibly the most annoying and moronic heroine ever written I DNF d this at chapter 4, I just couldn t take being annoyed by the heroine s whining and epic stupidity any longer I am a Kim Lawrence fan, but this was an EPIC FAIL with a totally implausible and ridiculous story line This is saying quite a bit considering we re talking about a [...]

    2. Neve is a young widowed woman whose marriage was on paper only After the death of her much older husband she finds herself trying to build a good relationship with her teenage stepdaughter When her daughter goes missing she starts searching for her and ends up stranded with Severo due to snow Neve and Severo spend one hot night together Afterwards Severo finds out who Neve is and he thinks she is a gold digger cause her much older husband left her a fortune so he cuts all ties with her Neve disc [...]

    3. 3.5 starsIt s the title s fault, I was expecting something scandalous.For starters, why were both the H and h at that place And the evil step mom at the train station appearance, how and why did she arrive there id I skim those parts and missed the info Very possible Do I care Not really.Also, the Hannah transformation was a bit overkill.I needed a bit of groveling from the H but I can let it go, I guess his heroic actions during the blizzard compensate it

    4. The heroine Neve is trying to build a relationship with her teenage stepdaughter and ignore all the public scandal about her and her late husband s marriage But her stepdaughter seems determined to hate her, and she ends up running off in the middle of a blizzard taking Neve s car with here Neve impulsively jumps in the nearest car to go after her, and that turns out to be the hero Severo s car Severo and Neve end up being stranded due to the snow and take shelter in a nearby empty house Even th [...]

    5. Awesome read It was great and they had a lot of chemistry hot She is a virgin widow who had the stepdaughter from hell She runs off and Neve steels the Heros car to find her ending up in a cottage in a snow strong with nothing to do but each otherwow Shen ends up pregnant because He forgot the condom once yeah it s not that easy to get pregnant most times He wants the true and the baby.

    6. image error Here I am reading another snowbound romance I didn t like this one as much It had a lot of potential, but it really didn t deliver anything new The characters were a bit too one dimensional, despite the author s attempt to give them some angsty history.The Italian hero, Severo Constanza, just arrives at the ski lodge when he has to trudge back out in the snow after our innocent heroine, Neve Macleod, steals his car to chase after her spoiled and inconsiderate step daughter, Hannah An [...]

    7. This was such a sweet read I love the way that the characters get along and I think that the balance of happieness and sadness was perfect I wish Hannah had been in the book a bit because she was hilarious and made the plot so much interesting I would recomend this book for people who like happy endings and want to read a relaxing book that makes life seem as though anything can be fixed.Over all this book was a pleasurable read and it wasn t one that took a lot of effort to get into, I was ho [...]

    8. Read as The Price of Scandal A wonderful entertaining read Adventure and scandal abound in this witty story as Neve and Severo battle a snowstorm getting trapped alone for a night of passion The passion between them is amazingly romantic and lovely The scene is written so well it seems to come out of your romantic dreams.

    9. I m giving this a generous 3 stars, though I could give it a 2.5 stars as well, but I ll give it the 3 I guess even though I liked my 3 stars books a lot than I liked this one, but I ll keep my rating a 3 nonetheless.Overall I thought this book was just okay I m a little back and forth about this book with some things I liked and some things I didn t There were things that I didn t really connect with like the characters for example that just didn t draw me into the story Just the emotion and e [...]

    10. This book has a terrible titlebut in 3 words it summed up the plot nicely so go on, no need to read any further LOL.Neve inherited a 14 year old stepdaughter in her marriage of convenience to her father s best friend James left her some money and properties which painted her a gold digger and scarlet widow in the tabloids.Reading how Hannah the stepdaughter treated Neve was damn painful plus her TSTL actions charging headlong into a blizzard in a borrowed car belonging to Savero made me real fru [...]

    11. She had a MOC and is now a wealthy widow She follows her stepdaughter into the snow She offers her all her inherited money when it is falsely reported that he is bankrupt He throws flowers at her he thinks are from OM when she is in the pool She goes to his bedroom to seduce him that night.

    12. Neve Macleod was recently involved in a MOC this was a bit creepy if you thought about it and didn t make a lot of sense if you did the same, but.okay just DON T So she tries to get on w her teenage stepdaughter, but she doesn t trust that Neve married her father for good reasons and doesn t give her an inch Seems stepdaughter is a bit spoiled, but that just sets up the whole story Severo Constanza has a nasty stepmom who was awful to his father and Severo doesn t think much of women that he cat [...]

    13. This was my third Harlequin Presents I went on a Presents reading binge LOL I m torn about this one than I was the other two I read The heroine was likeable sometimes, and at least I understood her when she wasn t being totally likeable i.e overly whiny , but I think her characterization needed work to be successful The hero was introduced as he threw repeated orders at her and continuously chided her for acting like a child, so it wasn t the most favorable introduction and, oddly, the reader [...]

    14. Stranded, Seduced Pregnant by Kim Lawrence was the first Mills and Boons book that I ve read in a while and I couldn t help but find myself annoyed towards the heroine In my eyes, Mills and Boons used to make the female a strong character but Neve MacLeod is the complete opposite She was helpless, whiny and at times a complete waste of time This is the first story I ve read from Kim Lawrence and I sense her characterisation was pretty weak Hannah, the stepdaughter, is only fourteen years old and [...]

    15. I love snowbound themes I also loved the backstory that told me just enough of Neve s background to learn she s a young step mother who feels guilty about her lack of control over an out of control teenager Unlike other reviews by some who obviously don t like Harlequin Presents novels anyway so why are they reading them I felt she was a sympathetic character and I got to enjoy her escape from reality with the sexy Severno when they get snowbound together I laughed out loud at their dialogue and [...]

    16. I really liked the book though it was so slow at first and rushed in the end Neve is such a like able character and I loved her Severo was a great alpha hero but the story left me wanting For one it needed an epilogue, it gave you a hint of HEA but I wanted to see it The second thing is that over half the book takes place in a few hours than jumps months and takes place in a day so overall the couple was together like two days and declaring love after than is a little far fetched, this is where [...]

    17. Rating is probably closer to 2 1 2 than 3 Tiresome and insipid Neve Macleod ends up stranded in a blizzard with sexy Severo Constanza Both seem to have issues, Neve is a annoying at first in her self hatred of how she is handling things with her teenaged stepdaughter She appears weak and extremely naive about everthing.Severo comes off as domineering, and even cruel at times Eventually the story line improves and they get together I liked the story, just not sure I liked the characters.

    18. On vacation the heroine and her stepchild run into the hero when the heroine s stepchild takes off After the hero and heroine search a blizzard comes in and they are stranded in a cabin where they make love and she gets pregnant After the stepchild is found the hero leaves her and the unborn baby he has no knowledge of Eventually he finds out and plans to marry her but getting her to agree could take a while.

    19. At some point Severo is very arrogant and neve is very innocent and naive She thinks everything is her fault and takes responsibility for every bad thing Did get a bit annoying but story wasn t all bad I did think this would be better as I have read other Kim Lawrence and really enjoyed them but this book wasn t tragic HEA

    20. I thought the book was very entertaining I like both characters The story was good Some of the hero action or reality was not understood I wish he d come to see reality earlier so things would have expanded

    21. Sort of weird but interesting story.My god, she had low confidence and enjoyed being walked all over and taken advantage of by everyone around, it was a bit frustrating.Liked the book Stayed up reading it all in one sitting.

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