School Days According to Humphrey #2020

School Days According to Humphrey Betty G. Birney School Days According to Humphrey School Days According to Humphrey

  • Title: School Days According to Humphrey
  • Author: Betty G. Birney
  • ISBN: 9780399254130
  • Page: 290
  • Format: Hardcover
  • School Days According to Humphrey Betty G. Birney School Days According to Humphrey
    School Days According to Humphrey Betty G. Birney

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    One thought on “School Days According to Humphrey”

    1. This book is appropriate for Second Grade and Up Written in the perspective of Humphrey, the classroom hamster Excited to be in Classroom 26 are He believes that they are in the wrong room, but finally understands that these kids are his new classmates and so he wants to learn all about them Activities 1 Why do you think Humphrey believes the students are in the wrong classroom 2 Have you ever had to adjust to a new setting How were you able to transition 3 How did Mrs Brisbane s class go from b [...]

    2. 5 HUNDRED stars To me, it is funny that a hamster is keeping track of his class I also think Humphrey is smarter than the other students It makes me happy that Humphrey is helping others.

    3. It s a new school year in room 26 and everyone s favorite classroom pet is back But this time there are new students with a whole new set of problems and challenges for him to take care of Humphrey s off and running setting problems to right in this wonderful addition to one of my favorite series.

    4. I enjoyed this cute book from the perspective of a hamster It was a unique twist on a story set in a school I didn t realize this was a series It makes me want to read the other ones I enjoyed Humphrey s little character with big plans.

    5. These spur a lot of conversation with my son about dynamics with friends He likes the stories and I don t want to poke my eyes out because of poor writing Birney does a good job for kids and parents alike.

    6. I did not like this book because I did not like the bad habits of the new students I liked the other student s bad habit s better I did like this book because I like it when Humphrey says stuff like squeak.

    7. 2nd grade 2017long3.7 reading levelds enjoyed it Read 10 15 pages in class each day and then asked them to read 4 5 on their own.

    8. School Days According To Humphrey by Betty G Birney is a really fun book to read In the story, Humphrey the hamster of room 26 has just come back from summer break On his first day back, there are weird kids in his classroom and he tries to tell them that they are in the wrong room, well of course the strange students can only hear squeaks because Humphrey is a hamster He soon has to get used to his classmates because they will be with him for a really long time Maybe just maybe this school year [...]

    9. I really enjoyed this installment I loved that Room 26 had a whole new class of students, with a whole new set of problems I also appreciated that it took time for Humphrey to get used to his new classmates Even as an adult, sometimes I have to remind myself that you can t compare people you ve just met with people you ve known for years and years Friendships take time to develop I especially liked the way Mrs Brisbane handled the two students whom Mrs Wright accused of misbehaving I have very s [...]

    10. This is another fun story in the Humprhey series by Betty G Birney I introduced my oldest to these books when I brought the first one home from England as a present She has really taken to these books and I am so grateful, since she s read virtually nothing but fairy books for the last two years We both read these books separately and then discuss the plots and themes These books involve a class of third graders and the stories have a lot of moral lessons that are very age appropriate for childr [...]

    11. I was thinking while reading this book, how I would recommend it to teachers or those studying to become teachers for elementary school grade levels It is interesting and cool to learn how the teacher, Mrs Brisbane, manages the classroom and resolves conflicts with students or a group that Humphrey the Hamster gets to see Her techniques are clever and of course Humphrey s plans to help out are just as clever too He simply cannot talk to the students like Mrs Brisbane does so instead, he carries [...]

    12. We haven t read any of this series besides this book and it is admittedly for a younger target audience While Humphrey is cute the story was boring I don t see a beginning reader being motivated by a story with little plot such as this It is predictable and repetitive but not really in the way that supports learning Humphrey describes everything as unsqueakably good or other simple adjective We started using it as a game with each unsqueakably we had to do 10 jumping jacks or clap 5 times, etc I [...]

    13. I was a bit irritated with Humphrey thinking that the new students in Mrs Brisbane s class were not in the right class it went on for too long , but as usual, the rest of the book was very uplifting I especially liked the conflict between Rolling Rosie and Helpful Hollie, and how Humphrey summarized the issue It is actually possible to be too helpful Hollie offers to help her classmate who is in a wheelchair, but her help is often unasked for which creates tension Rosie is really independent and [...]

    14. Another great book in this series I liked that there s a new set of students new school year , with a new set of issues to deal with keeps the story fresh The old students make an appearance here and there, which was a nice way to connect the two school years This one dealt a lot with learning to get along with new people and working together There was also a plotline about a student that had issues with being on time getting distracted, and although they resolved it, I don t think it was a true [...]

    15. Audience Grades 2 and up classroom teachers and studentsAppeal This book is told from the point of view of the classroom pet hamster, Humphrey It is an unsqueakably good read aloud It deals with beginning a new school year It would be great for students that are nervous about starting a new school year Humphrey adds a new rule for school at the end of each chapter.The first Humphrey book, The World According to Humphrey, was the intermediate Nebraska Golden Sower Award winner in 2008.

    16. Just okay, boring and cutesyA children s chapter book, a little boring but okay A little cutesy which for me is a negative.I think the reading level is significantly higher than the story interest grade level In other words, the story itself, if read aloud, would appeal to Kindergarten and 1st graders, but the reading level is at least 2nd grade I could be wrong, I m not an elementary school teacher This opinion is based only on what I myself liked to read as a child, and what my own kids liked [...]

    17. This is such a cute children s book series I read this book with my son and we both enjoyed it very much Humphrey the hamster is a very entertaining narrator and the problems that he, Mrs Brisbane, and the students in her class face each day were all problems that were easy for my son to relate to so it made for a very engaging read for him He s already begging me to take him back to the library to get another Humphrey book so he can see what happens next in Mrs Brisbane s class.

    18. This was the first Humphrey book I have read so I didn t really know who some of the characters were that Humphrey referred to, but it didn t really interfere with my understanding of the plot The story did seem to drag out, like the author was trying to make the story longer than it needed to be, but I think children 9 and under would still enjoy this series It s a good step up from beginning chapter books into a bit longer chapter book It would also make for a good read aloud.

    19. My son brought this home after his teacher read it to the class He and I then read it together I can t believe I hadn t been introduced to Humphrey and Og before now What fun characters Ms Birney has created Humphrey the hamster gives his new friends a lot of help to learn how to work together and go from being the worst class ever to the best class ever I can t wait to read some of the other adventures.

    20. I am so obsessed with Humphrey books They are so good This book is about Humphrey going back to school from summer vacation he is the classroom hamster.But when he comes back Humphrey notices that all of his friends are gone the students are all different.He gets confused.I highly recommend this book

    21. This is an excellent book for read aloud in the beginning of the school year for 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade It can produce excellent discussions on the elements of a classroom, including classroom procedures, rules and regulations The main character, the classroom hamster, does excellent analysis on student relationships in the lower primary grades.

    22. I enjoy reading the Humphrey books In School Days it s the first day of a new school year So that means Room 26 gets a new class Like Humphrey, I wasn t sure if I would like the new class as much as the original class, but luckily the author did a great job with this I ended up enjoying this book as much as all the previous ones I look forward to reading the rest in the series

    23. Read this book so I could discuss with my grandchildren Kitty Hawk Elementary School in NC is having the entire school read this book It is their first chapter book.Considering all the differnt characters and events there will be much to discuss.

    24. Love the Humphrey series for 7 year old girls my 10 year old listens too I liked this one in particular because it addresses the issue of changing classrooms, teachers and class mates at the beginning of the school year.

    25. Sixth installment in the Humphrey series Humphrey is a golden hamster and the perfect classroom pet Of course, his job is to help the students, and he does his job well This particular book finds him welcoming a new class to Room 26.

    26. I loved this book so much that I all ready can t wait to move to 4th grade To a class hamsters point of view starting a new school year is very confusing aspeashily when you can t wait to see your old friends

    27. Another great Humphrey adventure This one takes you into a new school year with a new group of students Hard for Humphrey at first and maybe a little hard for us as we liked the kids from last year s class but we all ended up liking the new group Such a fun series

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