ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 1 #2020

ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 1 Hitoshi Ashinano 芦奈野ひとし None

  • Title: ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 1
  • Author: Hitoshi Ashinano 芦奈野ひとし
  • ISBN: 9784063210507
  • Page: 256
  • Format: paperback
  • ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 1 Hitoshi Ashinano 芦奈野ひとし None
    ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 1 Hitoshi Ashinano 芦奈野ひとし

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      256 Hitoshi Ashinano 芦奈野ひとし
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    1. One of the most amazing views of the end of the world ever In a futuristic japan, Alpha the robot waits for her master at the Cafe Alpha Japan is dying the roads are crumbling, the sea is devouring the land, people are few and far between Robots are turning feral, and the people are abandoning the country to cluster in cities This is a quiet, beautiful series about how Alpha and the people she knows deal with it.What is amazing is that there is not a single scene of violence in the entire series [...]

    2. A simple and beautiful manga series that drew to a quiet close a couple of years ago after being published by Afternoon for over ten years It has stunning artwork, poignant writing and, sometimes a rarity in manga, a well developed and meaningful story.The basic plot humanity is peacefully and slowly dwindling after some unnamed cataclysmic event Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou presents slice of life stories about the legacy of our race as seen through the eyes of Alpha, yes she s a robot , who owns an [...]

    3. Yokohama Shopping Blog 1 14 Plot Simpel dan damai Entah mmengapa punya kesan melankolis yang misterius.Gambar Saya lumayan suka gambar tokoh tokohnya Rasanya unik Penokohan OkKarena begitu jatuh cinta dengan ARIA , saya jadi tertarik untuk mencicipi komik dengan sajian Mono no Aware Hasilnya saya sangat tertarik pada komik ini dan Yokohama Chinatown Fantasy Kemudian, komik inilah yang saya berhasil dapatkan duluan Yokohama Shopping Blog berkisah mengenai kehidupan Alpha yang menunggu kepulangan [...]

    4. I am finally getting around to reading Yokohama Kaidashi Kiko Yokohama Shopping Diary , and after finishing the first volume, I must say I m completely in love.A little background the manga is set in the future, after some cataclysm seems to have wiped out most of the human population The sea level has been gradually rising for some time Cities have largely been abandoned, and people have returned to a simpler way of life The story is told through a series of vignettes that follow the everyday l [...]

    5. This represents the whole series 14 volumes Likeable characters Peaceful, laid back everyday stories in the future that are full of weird things But, the writer can make it so believable and lovely.Its a very nice series to relax to.

    6. I m only reviewing the first volume of 14 from this series, but this is one of the most beautiful works I ve read A very quiet, calming post apocalyptic setting evokes the twilight of the human race in a story infused with distinctly Japanese aesthetics and deep emotions One of my favorites.

    7. It is hard to put into words but the atmosphere of this slow paced manga about life on a sparsely populated future earth is very soothing The manga focuses on little things watching the sun rise on the New Year, sharing food together, making coffee, slow travel between places There is no real risk, no threat, and a lot of beauty I ll be continuing to very slowly read it.

    8. La palabra clave para abordar YKK es iyashikei sanaci n , en Japon s Un t rmino usado en manga y anime cuando el objetivo m s claro de la obra es imponer un aura curativo o calmante en la audiencia Los trabajos de este tipo suelen involucrar realidades alternativas con poco o nulo conflicto, dando nfasis a la naturaleza y los peque os placeres de la vida.Otra palabra que me viene a la mente son vi etas Vi etas, cortas, inofensivas, como un Relatos del Cazador y un intento de poes a semejante.B s [...]

    9. This is a fun, relaxing, gentle manga anchored by the handsomest, most charismatic, whimsical, fun loving and pensive yet sometimes na ve female character albeit an android who s on a par with Robin Williams android in Bicentennial Man in my personal 27 year history of reading manga The story takes place in a post apocolyptic Kanagawa prefecture now an impoverished country where nature has evolved in strange ways, mankind is slowly vanishing from the face of the earth, and a handful of mostly fe [...]

    10. I m going to write a review of the first one, it applies to the whole series Probably the most calm and quiet manga I ve ever read It s the best thing to read on a rainy day, listening to something like Rachmaninov s piano concertos which I ve done at least three times.It s a story of a post apocalyptic world, but instead of being overly pessimistic and depressing, or overly optimistic and annoying it s just normal and human although the main protagonist isn t human It s also helped by the grea [...]

    11. Finished the entire series 140 chapters over the past week It was beautiful, just so beautiful This is one of those slice of life stories, which has no real plot, one where you don t really see anything happen And yet things do happen Time passes, the sea swallows up the land, friendships are discovered, and children grow up, grow taller than you and leave home to see the world, all right before your eyes.This is a post apocalyptic world but somehow Ashinano shows us the beauty and optimism of e [...]

    12. Normally the first volume of a manga series is fast paced with unexplained mysteries designed to hook the reader into returning for the second volume but this series thus far has managed to reveal quite a bit of odd information without losing a nice relaxed feel to the story You can t help but want to know about Alpha and her peculiar relationship with the owner and see of her gentle interactions with her customers

    13. A cute soft post apocalypse story Main character Alpha is a robot who lives in a Japanese town close to where Yokohama used to be and she s in charge of the local caf we don t know where her owner is First volume focuses in the relationship of Alpha with some of the townspeople which I guess is what the manga is about , although at one point a mythical creature appeared ayakashi youkai so maybe there s to the series I look forward to see how the story develops.

    14. Beautifully made manga The Art is superb, characters cute Like the positive lade back background of the future Whats a downer is its a bit too relaxing times a bore as there is no continues center plot There are enough mysteries leads in the story line but none is answered Its a perfect slice of life manga but without any tensions trill.

    15. Probably the sweetest post apocalyptic story I ve read I hope the volumes that follow this one will go into the worldbuilding aspects some I like the characters a lot, but I also want to see of that lovely urban decay, and maybe learn about how things came to be the way they are, or how the robot protagonist was built.

    16. This comic has appeared in AFTERNOON magajinI believe it translates as Yokohama shopping time.Something strange has happened to their islandn t know yete story line has a very laidback pastoral feel to it.

    17. Manga ini menggambarkan Jepang pasca bencana besar atau pasca kiamat Mood yang dibangun adalah senyap, sunyi Juga indah karena manusia maupun robot menghargai hal hal sederhana dalam hidup sehari hari.

    18. This graphic novel takes part in post apocalyptic Japan Novel is meditative, very atmospheric and full of nostalgia, beautiful landscapes, sunsets and sunrises Through this melancholic, sincerer and touching story you can watch how robot obtains human emotions.

    19. I m currently about halfway through the series, and the pace, the atmosphere, and the charming characters in this manga are incomparable Very good read, especially if you enjoy slice of life or you don t care too much about action or fast paced stories.

    20. Quick thoughts Incredibly unique slice of life manga featuring a humanoid robot living a quiet, peaceful life in post apocalyptic Japan Tons of potential here Looking forward to .

    21. life poetry maybe the best example of the slice of life genre i ve seen, saturated with beauty and time and something that doesn t exist anywhere in western art

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