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My Life Marc Chagall My Life My Life was written in Moscow in when Chagall was thirty five years old Although long out of print it remains one of the most extraordinarily inventive and beautifully told of all autobiog

  • Title: My Life
  • Author: Marc Chagall
  • ISBN: 9780306805714
  • Page: 193
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Life Marc Chagall My Life was written in Moscow in 1921 1922, when Chagall was thirty five years old Although long out of print, it remains one of the most extraordinarily inventive and beautifully told of all autobiographies The text is accompanied by twenty plates which Chagall prepared especially to illustrate his life story Together, the words and pictures paint an incomparable portrMy Life was written in Moscow in 1921 1922, when Chagall was thirty five years old Although long out of print, it remains one of the most extraordinarily inventive and beautifully told of all autobiographies The text is accompanied by twenty plates which Chagall prepared especially to illustrate his life story Together, the words and pictures paint an incomparable portrait of one of the greatest painters of this century, and of the now vanished milieu which inspired him.
    My Life Marc Chagall

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      193 Marc Chagall
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    1. Sono passati tanti anni da quando morta Dove sei ora, piccola madre In cielo, sulla terra Io sono qui, lontano Sarei pi sollevato se ti fossi rimasto pi vicino almeno avrei guardato la tua tomba, toccato la tua lapide.Ah mamma Non so pi pregare e piango sempre pi di rado.Ma la mia anima pensa a te, a me, e il mio pensiero si consuma nel dispiacere.Non ti chiedo di pregare per me Tu lo sai quante pene ho Dimmi piccola madre nell altro mondo, in paradiso, nelle nuvole, l dove sei, ti consola il mi [...]

    2. My Life By Marc Chagall is an autobiography of the first part of the artist s life, written when Chagall was only 35 and illustrated with 50 sketches and prints also by the artist With the intimacy of a diary, Chagall reminisces about the period of his childhood in the Russian shtetl of Vitebsk, his art studies in St Petersburg, his first contact with the art world in Paris ending with his return to Russia including his period as Commissioner for the Arts in Vitebsk after the Bolshevik Revolutio [...]

    3. Vincent Van Gogh, Abidin Dino, Bedri Rahmi Ey bo lu gibi ressamlar n mektuplar n okuduktan sonra ressamlar n yazd klar metinlerin de edebi a dan iyi olmas gerekti ine dair bir yarg m var Chagall n biyografisi ise edebi a dan k t , resimlerini daha iyi anlamak ve hayat na tan kl k yapmak a s ndan iyi.

    4. Att vara ung och l ngta till Paris, we ve all been there Med sitt solgula omslag till bokbingot blev den h r en av sommarens finaste l supplevelser Ett f rs k att f rmedla n got av tonen, som p minner om Pessoas universell och existentiell H r dr mmer den unge Chagall om att ta sig ifr n den trista, vitryska lilla orten med judisk h rkomst var det knappt m jligt att ens resa till Sankt Petersburg och gna sig t konsten, inte t att bli a clerk or an accountant enligt moderns nskem l But a word as [...]

    5. A poetic autobiography unlike any I ve read before It s an interesting insight into Chagall as a person and artist emphasis on the latter but also with so much time that has now elapsed into the state of Russia Soviet Union and Europe during the early part of his life.He wrote this in 1922, when he still had another 60 years to live and one wonders what a sequel would have looked like.Wonderful, simple drawings by Chagall illustrate the book.

    6. This was written when Marc Chagall s life was not even half over, so if you are wanting to find out about his whole life especially his work in the international art world this will not satisfy On the other hand, this is his own voice, with lots of stories about his childhood and youth in Vitebsk and discovery of Paris plus it is illustrated with his own pen and ink drawings Worth a read, but not a thorough study He kind of wanted to be a poet but his paintings are way better

    7. S rrealist ressam Marc Chagall hi b kmadan sevece im, renklerine mi tablolar ndaki insanlar n u u una m kap laca m a rd m benim i in ayr bir kefeye koydu um nadide insanlardand r Bu kitab da hayat n n te birini kapsayan bir otobiyografisi Ben ki biyografi okumay sevmedi imden mektup ve otobiyografileri daha ok nemsiyorum 35 ya ndayken yazd bu kitapta onun ocuklu unu kendi dilinden dinlemek inan lmaz heyecan vericiydi Belki s rrealizm s z konusu olunca biraz daha otomatik yaz m beklemi olabilirim [...]

    8. Chagall 97 ya nda veda etmi d nyaya ama otuzlu ya lar nda 36 otobiyografisini yazm Yani ironik ve fakat sempatik bir yaz m olmu

    9. Well, it was one of those selfbiographies who disappoint you because you see that your myth is real, it s alive and it s just a human as you, he suffers like you, he ages like you, he goes to the bathroom like you It s interesting to see how one of your favourite artist became who he is, on the other side I have the feeling that beside incredibly gifted for painting, he was just like me and my neighbour And I haven t yet decided if this should comfort of discomfort me.

    10. Chagall s autobiography is almost as hallucinatory and psychedelic as his art work vibrant, optimistic, and mystical I loved reading this account of his life, from his childhood in a conservative Jewish family in Russia to his poor years in Paris to the loving relationship he maintained with his wife Bella.

    11. Written by Chagall in the 1920s in Moscow, when he was 35 years old, and illustrated with his sketches and drawings It s a short, charming, whimsical, diary like autobiography of his younger life He wrote very much like he painted.

    12. I bought this from the shop in the Marc Chagall museum in Nice and I paid 20 for it, which seems now like quite a lot of money for what is a short, small paperback, but whatever I think perhaps I was just surprised to see a book in English by the man himself right there in the shop But I don t regret it Looking back on it now, I can t think of very many other modernist artists who have written significant personal biographies, let alone one which is so revealing about the source of much of his i [...]

    13. blog post when i was reading this book I write in the margins of his autobiography, I LOVE THIS MAN I love his ambivalence towards his homeland In Russia, I m only he fifth wheel of the coach And everything I do seems outlandish to them, and everything they do seems futile to me I can say no I love Russia I love the struggle it was for him to be an artist as a poor Jewish man, who was restricted where he could live, where he could go but knew he had to paint will God or someone give me the powe [...]

    14. I d be lying if I said this was an easy book to get through but it was worth the effort I didn t understand where he was coming from a fair bit of the time but then I am not a brilliant artist so that is probably why I am so very interested in his life and this was another insight into the incredible mind of the younger Chagall from the horses mouth so to speak It has spurred me to delve further and to read Bella s book and, if I can find it, the book written by his partner in between marriages [...]

    15. How often do you find an autobiography written by an artist himself that comes complete with illustrations I got fascinated by Chagall s works after seeing his piece on the ceiling of Op ra Garnier and liked them for their whimsicality I enjoyed reading his words, it was nice to find that they evoke a similar vibe as his paintings even after going through a translation Also given the nature of this book it was an interesting perspective from which one could get a better understanding the artist

    16. A wonderful read all about Chagall s early life in Witebsk in the 1890 s, through his art education in St Petersburg, Moscow and Paris, to his return to Witebsk and his work in art and theater there after WWI and the Russian Revolution Chagall writes the same way he paints Emotions, Impressions, Exclamations , Everyday Mysticism, Angles and Colors in Loaves of Bread and Bottles of Wine On many occasions he introduces us through his prose to characters that inhabit his paintings, which I found de [...]

    17. This book is written in such a rambling style that it reminds me of Chagall s paintings Another reviewer says the style is like that of a child and I agree No explanations, no topical connections between paragraphs or sections, just this happened and this happened It certainly interesting to read about his life in his own words, but a bit hard to follow Now I d like to read a really good biography about him.

    18. I felt disappointed with this book by famous painter Marc Chagall I had expected an autobiography, but the work was something like a collection of loose notes about his feelings Besides, the title is not very exact Chagall died when he was 97 and this work was first published when the author was 35.

    19. Unato svim neda ama ovoga svijeta u meni se o uuvao dio one produhovljene ljubavi u kojoj sam odgojen i vjera u ovjeka koji je spoznao ljubav U na em ivotu, kao i na slikarevoj paleti, postoji samo jedna boja koja mo e dati smisao ivotu i umjetnosti Boja Ljubavi Ja ne razumijem ljude, ba kao ni svoje vlastite slike.

    20. At the beginning, when I started reading I thought that this book will be very tough to go through because of seemingly unconnected style and short passages which try to tell so many things.The style reminds a bit of a child trying to say many things at the same time using simple words.Maybe a bit like his paintings

    21. If you ever wondered where the idea for Fiddler on the roof came fromlook no further Simply written.rough the eyes seemingly of a childpoetic perhaps he sought the written word in his paintingis autobiographical work is written as if he is dancing his way through life.he writes as he paintsgically.

    22. It s not as good as his paintings It captures a bit of his personality and his love for his home but not nearly as good as his painting s do But hey, if he could write as good as he paints, this world would be an unjust place There will never be a Bo Knows kinda campaign on this guy.

    23. I didn t rate this because I honestly don t know what I think It s not like any other autobiography I have ever read Positively dream like and poetical, I immediately went to upon finishing it to get a solid view on Chagall.

    24. It s such a shame I needed, like, two months to finish this book, since it s not even really thick But sometimes life interferes and also it is written in a really poetical style which seems a little too poetical for me I still enjoyed most parts, though.

    25. Autobiograf a escrita en 1922, que no s lo nos muestra como fue la vida del pintor, tambi n nos demuestra que podr a haber sido un gran escritor Lenguaje po tico de alto nivel Si adem s te gusta el pintor, el placer es doble.

    26. It would be easy to call this book arrogant because he wrote it in his thirties, but I found it wise and fond and ultimately interesting.

    27. I think I like his paintings rather than his writing Maybe someone else should have chosen the words for him

    28. He inspires me you can actually vividly see how he d paint through his writing Amazing I just wish there were pictures

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