Fire and Flight #2020

Fire and Flight Wendy Pini Richard Pini Delfin Barral Fire and Flight Fire and Flight is the first adventure of the Wolfriders The elves are burnt out of their ancestral home by vengeful humans Betrayed by cowardly trolls the elfin tribe led by Cutter Blood of Ten Ch

  • Title: Fire and Flight
  • Author: Wendy Pini Richard Pini Delfin Barral
  • ISBN: 9780936861555
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fire and Flight Wendy Pini Richard Pini Delfin Barral Fire and Flight is the first adventure of the Wolfriders The elves are burnt out of their ancestral home by vengeful humans Betrayed by cowardly trolls, the elfin tribe, led by Cutter, Blood of Ten Chiefs, must cross the Burning Wastelands to find a faven they ve never seen Can the Wolfriders survive If they do, what surprises await them at Sorrow s End
    Fire and Flight Wendy Pini Richard Pini Delfin Barral

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      Wendy Pini Richard Pini Delfin Barral

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    1. Reading the ElfQuest series has been one of the highlights of my life I ll never forget the first time I saw one in 7th grade I thought they were so scandalous with their elf orgies haha, so tame compared to what I now know is out there These are not just comics to me, they are the best comics I love the story, the characters, the art, and the world it creates I still enjoy reading the new ones, though nothing can compare with reading the first 4 in the series I can t say that everyone would lov [...]

    2. I really enjoyed Fire and Flight ElfQuest 1 I know I came late to this party so it is difficult to read this as a groundbreaking graphic comic however, the strong story telling and the themes which are developed quickly drew me in The art didn t quite do it for me, but that is something I can overlook for a good story Bring on ElfQuest

    3. Elfquest is a story very close to my heart, and I believe it s one of the most undervalued and unknown masterpieces of American fantasy This is the first book in the series, and while the writing is overwrought at times and the art somewhat lacking in the sophistication that follows later in the series, it clearly establishes the Pinis immense skills at storytelling, character building, and perhaps most all, beautifully expressive artwork.Summarizing it will make it seem ridiculous to the uninit [...]

    4. This comic book was recommended by a friend who read the original ElfQuest series several times when she was a teenager And yes, it is a pretty cool comic book, I will definitely read part 2, 3 and 4 as well.As everything, the comic is a product of its time, as one can see by, say, looking at the protagonist s pants At the beginning I thought one or two of the male characters where women, when in fact they are young men, which was almost a bit disappointing, since today I am used to fantasy worl [...]

    5. Psychic aliens adrift in space and time wonder if other floating ships of their kind are out there, and finding an earth like planet where the mythology is sort of like theirs, use their ability to shape shift to a close approximation to the myths and artwork to scout out if this is the case, only to accidentally strand themselves in the paleolithic They become the elves of the series title, big eyed, fay and light weight, with four fingers and flaring pointy ears The primitive humans are non pl [...]

    6. Being a huge Tolkien fan, I discovered this series back in the early 80 s and had to have it Being an avid reader, I am reminded that I cut my teeth on comic books so even though I had progressed into full length adult novels by the 80 s, I could still enjoy a good comic here and there Aside from the usual Marvel and DC superhero publications, I found a growing interest in fantastical works from the likes of Robert E Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs, especially when it was accompanied with art b [...]

    7. This classic was one of the first to define graphic novel I started with the original BW comics to see them in glorious color makes my heart sing In this book we meet the Wolfriders and the elves living in the Sun Village Part of why I fell in love with the book is the acceptance of different choices in how the elves live From Rainfall, the ultimate mother, to Dewshine, the young Wolfrider, to Leetah, a proud and independent Healer, each has a purpose and role If you enjoy well written fantasy o [...]

    8. This was okay I guess The art is a little too cheesy, though It s like these doe eyed fairies that a 14 year old girl draws in her notebook, you know I dunno Such big eyes and big boobs and big bell bottoms, it was hard to take seriously.

    9. Um dos melhores exemplos de comic independente que continua sendo relevante e se adaptando aos dias atuais Essa s rie pode ser lida gratuitamente no site da autora e voc paga apenas pela c pia f sica Justo e ao mesmo tempo impede que a s rie caia no obscurantismo.

    10. Where would I be without Elfquest Who knows I discovered Elfquest in the form of graphic novels back in the 80s, when graphic novels were a new concept The first three graphic novels were the first three major story arcs of the Elfquest books, each rolled up nicely in one location.Elfquest did a lot for me It opened my eyes to a comic book style I had never thought of before I ve always been a big fan of comics, but comics to me meant super heroes But elves, and fantasy Especially elves in a set [...]

    11. This is the book that got me back into reading comic books Until I read this I thought I was too old for such nonsense I could not have been wrong Elfquest is not like any of the comic books I read in my childhood the sixties and seventies, just FYI The characters seem real You identify with them and grow to care for them Wendy Pini s art and storytelling are compelling When I first saw the book on the bookstore shelf in 1980 I just leafed through it I walked around some and came back to leaf [...]

    12. The original 8 books in this series were seminal pieces of my young reading life and I recently became interested in hunting them down to re read them Technically, this first entry is probably a 3 star book The art is not up to snuff with Wendy s later work she hasn t quite figured out how to draw her little people yet and the dialogue is incredibly stiff and overwrought as well, which came as a surprise But that s part of the charm of this book It s clearly a work of a kind of ecstatic imaginin [...]

    13. Probably the most original, heartfelt, and underrated fantasy story of all time Wendy Pini was way ahead of her time in both art and storytelling I originally read the ElfQuest books in elementary school and was flabbergasted by them Now 30 years later and as a father of two, I m understanding the story on a whole new level Not only have they stood the test of time, but now as an adult I understand the themes of family that underlies the entire series Quite simply, these graphic novels are timel [...]

    14. I very much enjoyed the first book in the Elfquest series I was actually planning on weeding this from our libraries collection since no one ever seemed to check it out, and it seemed so dated However, once I got into the story which really only took a few pages I couldnt put it down The characters are very well done and easy to align with The art work isnt my favorite for graphic novels, but it wasnt that much of a problem since the story was so good I just started the second book and look forw [...]

    15. I was introduced to Elfquest by a friend in college, who was collecting the original black and white comics I began my own collecting with the color graphic novel editions I love the stories, which withstand the test of time Having re discovered them, I m going to have to inflict them on my friend s children Cutter and his tribe of Wolfriders begin their adventures in this collection of the first five comics The characters are well defined, and the story complex and entertaining.

    16. Elfquest as a piece of American graphic novel culture is very important The Pinis were unafraid to explore themes of sexuality, violence, friendship, racism Elfism , loss, and many others in ways that were honest, thought provoking, and beautiful My life is immensely richer for having been exposed to this series.

    17. Who would have thought that a simple tale of an elvish tribe living on a primal planet would develop into such a rich, intriguing story The artwork is consistently fantastic, and the story is right on the same level I have really enjoyed re reading this series.

    18. If you like fantasy and graphic novels, this entire series has got it all With a very cool save the earth theme long before it became trendy or so desperate Great action, romance, battles.

    19. Wonderful art and story combine to tell a great tale This is my second time throught these books and they are still delightful

    20. This is a very cool comic about elves and how their lives in Sorrows end The art style is groovy and I really enjoyed meeting all the characters in this volume I love the strong community Cutter s elves feel and how quickly most of them were able to become close with those in Sun Toucher s community of elves I am excited to see how this world expands and these characters develop as I read the next volumes.

    21. No words can describe the love I have for this series, and I decided a reread is in order as the series is drawing to a close in the Final Quest I may have to buy new versions of the first 6 books, however, since my copies are, quite literally, falling apart.

    22. This review can also be found on my blog graphicnovelty2 2016 03 0 I fell in love with ElfQuest when I was in high school and my boyfriend who was collecting them introduced me to the World of Two Moons Sometimes our dates would consist of us sitting side by side reading for hours and debating the finer points of elf lore That my high school boyfriend eventually became my husband, makes this series dear to my heart.Fire and Flight, introduces us to the Wolfriders, an elfin band that rides wolves [...]

    23. This is a reread Heck I m not sure if I ve read this at all in 20 years but man, back in the 80s I read it until the pages fell out I found an old fan filk track online and it sent me to the library to find these It occurred to me that unlike today s fandoms, Elfquest and Dragonriders of Pern for that matter did not allow for the use of canon characters which is why it s been decades since I ve been back to the source material.Much of my star rating is colored by my first exposure to this as a y [...]

    24. I ve read this graphic novel dozens of times in the last twenty plus years, and the story is just as compelling to me now as it was in seventh grade The art and storytelling are first rate, and the many characters each have their own, nuanced personalities and backstories, so what seems like a fairly straightforward quest story with a love triangle ends up being much deeper and richer than one would guess Another plus this first volume is the only one in the series that stands completely on its [...]

    25. Character driven World building Intricately plotted Amusing Engaging.Marked as YA now but has a large adult following and is a good pick for any lovers of high fantasy and epic quests A detailed world and back story has been created for this long series over 15 books released, plus spin offs A large cast of unique and layered characters populate it Contains gentle humor in the day to day lives of the elves but does not shy away from death, abuse, or sex NOT FOR THE SEXUALLY CONSERVATIVE Has nude [...]

    26. So this is the book that started it all The story of Cutter and his band of brave, strong Wolfriders and how they change the lives of elves on their planet forever.The elves, driven out of their cool forest home must wander through a hot, dry desert to make a new home for themselves among the peace loving Sun Folk.I love how Cutter s first observation of the Sun Folk isn t OMG THEY RE BROWN It s that they live differently from the Wolfriders Despite an uneasy introduction the two tribes graduall [...]

    27. I was looking through some of the books sitting on my shelves and realized to my shame and dismay that I haven t added these to my read shelf on here Where to even begin I first read these as a child, dredging them up from the basement library of the house I grew up in I don t know how many times I have re read them over the years, but it was enough that I still remember everything about this amazing, beautifully illustrated series Hands down my favourite graphic novels of all time Pure fantasy [...]

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