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Gerald R. Ford Douglas Brinkley Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. Gerald R Ford The accidental president whose innate decency and steady hand restored the presidency after its greatest crisisWhen Gerald R Ford entered the White House in August he inherited a presidency tarn

  • Title: Gerald R. Ford
  • Author: Douglas Brinkley Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780805069099
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Gerald R. Ford Douglas Brinkley Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr. The accidental president whose innate decency and steady hand restored the presidency after its greatest crisisWhen Gerald R Ford entered the White House in August 1974, he inherited a presidency tarnished by the Watergate scandal, the economy was in a recession, the Vietnam War was drawing to a close, and he had taken office without having been elected Most observersThe accidental president whose innate decency and steady hand restored the presidency after its greatest crisisWhen Gerald R Ford entered the White House in August 1974, he inherited a presidency tarnished by the Watergate scandal, the economy was in a recession, the Vietnam War was drawing to a close, and he had taken office without having been elected Most observers gave him little chance of success, especially after he pardoned Richard Nixon just a month into his presidency, an action that outraged many Americans, but which Ford thought was necessary to move the nation forward Many people today think of Ford as a man who stumbled a lot clumsy on his feet and in politics but acclaimed historian Douglas Brinkley shows him to be a man of independent thought and conscience, who never allowed party loyalty to prevail over his sense of right and wrong As a young congressman, he stood up to the isolationists in the Republican leadership, promoting a vigorous role for America in the world Later, as House minority leader and as president, he challenged the right wing of his party, refusing to bend to their vision of confrontation with the Communist world And after the fall of Saigon, Ford also overruled his advisers by allowing Vietnamese refugees to enter the United States, arguing that to do so was the humane thing to do Brinkley draws on exclusive interviews with Ford and on previously unpublished documents including a remarkable correspondence between Ford and Nixon stretching over four decades , fashioning a masterful reassessment of Gerald R Ford s presidency and his underappreciated legacy to the nation.
    Gerald R. Ford Douglas Brinkley Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

    • [EPUB] ✓ Gerald R. Ford | By ✓ Douglas Brinkley Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.
      Douglas Brinkley Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr.

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    1. This is the third president sketch I ve read in The American Presidents series I decided I would read Nixon and then Ford so see how they flowed one into the other If the essence of Elizabeth Drew s Richard Nixon was mostly evil incarnate, the essence of Douglas Brinkley s Gerald R Ford was genial but consummate politician, always the quarterback, who never did a bad thing He might have willfully ignored some bad things, he might have pretended some bad things didn t exist, but he never perpetra [...]

    2. A Ford, Not A LincolnWhen he was sworn in as vice president on December 6, 1973, Gerald Ford said in his acceptance speech to the nation I am a Ford, not a Lincoln But I am definitely not a Model T This homespun, self effacing comment became the hallmark of Ford s presidency Eight months after becoming vice president, on August 9 1974, Ford became the 38th president of the United States when Richard Nixon resigned in disgrace as a result of Watergate Ford became to first and the only person to s [...]

    3. The American Presidents look at the only man not elected to the Presidency or Vice Presidency Follows the career of Gerald Ford as a Congressman, his serving on the Warren Commission How he was chosen by Richard Nixon to replace Spiro Agnew as Vice President Then his short term as President after Nixon s resignation, his pardon and the fall out A brief synopsis of his loss to Jimmy Carter and post presidency A good read.

    4. I ve read several of the books in this series Buchanan, Lincoln, Garfield, Arthur, McKinley, Truman, etc and they all strike me as fair minded overviews of the given US President Make no mistake, these are not collegiate level texts but were I a high school history teacher I d definitely make use of these as independent study aids.

    5. An excellent readI learned a lot about Gerald Ford that I didn t know and now understand the challenges he faced with Watergate and why ultimately he made the right decision with Nixon.

    6. After the disastrous Watergate scandal that sullied the Nixon Administration, the nation needed a President who was beyond reproach in order to win back people s trust in government By and large, Gerald R Ford proved to be that man.In this American Presidency installment, author Douglas Brinkley does a great job of hitting the key moments of Ford s political ascendance and presidency after Nixon s resignation Despite not being one of the big name Presidents, Ford just happened to preside over a [...]

    7. Well known historian Douglas Brinkley has written this brief biography, as a part of the American Presidents series of works In the series editor s Introduction, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr notes that Page xv The president is the central player in the American political order Gerald Ford was an accidental president, taking over after Richard Nixon s downfall resulting from Watergate and his subsequent resignation Gerald Ford s name at birth was Leslie Lynch King, Jr His father had a violent temper an [...]

    8. Gerald Ford s brief presidency came at a difficult time in American history However, since his departure in 1977, Ford s legacy has been re evaluated by historians, and today the 38th POTUS is remembered as having been a good, if not quite great, president In his book on Gerald Ford as part of the American Presidents series, historian Douglas Brinkley offers a short and informative biography of Ford, looking at his upbringing, rise in politics, time as president, and post presidential life.A lon [...]

    9. This series edited by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr is great for reading biographies of presidents who served only one term or less Like the other books in the series this book on President Ford is only 160 pages which is fitting since Ford only served for about 2 years.I wasn t even a teenager when Ford took office so the only things I remembered is that he pardoned Nixon and Chevy Chase did a hilarious imitation of him on Saturday Night Live Reading this book I have appreciation for Ford.He should b [...]

    10. The first chapter of this brief biography may have been the most important It tells of his mother leaving his biological father when Ford was very young as a result of abuse at a time when family abuse was accepted than divorce and how Ford was raised by her and his adoptive father who exemplified hard work ethic, modest means, and commitment to family while his biological father became wealthy but whose only contact with Ford was a detour from a business trip when Ford was in high school.Regar [...]

    11. I liked this book very much although I didn t necessarily agree with the author s initial portrayal of Gerald Ford.Until the book reaches the final chapter, Douglas Brinkley is very specific in selling his point of view that President Ford was a politician from top to bottom He makes many points that Ford ALWAYS followed the part line regardless of being right or wrong.However this opinion does change when it gets to the end when the author concedes that Ford made several very presidential decis [...]

    12. I realize the entire point of the American Presidents series is to give readers a pithy biography of each president, and after Ford died in December I wanted to read a straight bio on him given that he had popped up in several books I have read yet I still didn t know much about his background I quickly realized I could have gone to any number of Web sites to read up on him this tiny hagiography is boring and makes Ford out not as the dullard that he was portrayed as president but a dullard who [...]

    13. This book fit the President that i was covering It was solid and respectable and not particularly interesting It is a short account from the President Series Solid, but not spectacular.

    14. Ahhh.a nice, sensible, down home, gentleman President such a relief after reading Nixon s biography these were my first thoughts upon beginning this book Gerald Ford was probably just the right person to lead after the tumultuous days of Watergate and Nixon s impeachment He was a humble, earnest, and moral man who did the best with the responsibilities thrown into his lap.Although Gerald Ford is an admirable man, reading about his life was not exactly riveting and I had to make myself finish thi [...]

    15. I ve always been a big fan of Gerald Ford, having been born during his Presidency I named my Pound Puppie after him, and I got embarrassingly excited about his commemorative stamp So, naturally, when I came upon this book, I had to read this I thought this was a very fine, succinct biography of the man, focused on his public life than his private one One has admire a man who was almost universally considered a decent, honest person who was thrust into the unenviable position of following Nixon [...]

    16. Kind of like his Presidency, this bio was short and to the point I got in, got out and no one got hurt with the added bonus that I didn t have to wade through 1000 pages to learn everything I needed to know about the only President that no one voted for Most interesting to me was the cast of characters he surrounded himself with, men who would continue to haunt the halls of government for decades to come George H.W Bush as the Director of the CIA Donald Rumsfeld as his White House Chief of Staff [...]

    17. A fairly evenhanded biography of 38, short on detail as all in this series tend to be , but without an overt political angle Brinkley considers both the Ford presidency and its reassessment in the 30 years after, focusing especially on Ford s pardon of Nixon how it damaged him immediately, but proved to be the instrument of reconciliation the country and the presidency so desperately needed Someday, there will be a full length biography of Ford that covers his whole life until then, there s this [...]

    18. This book makes an excellent case for Gerald Ford s intelligence, which was often obscured by his lack of sophistication or guile It also makes a subtler argument that Ford s generosity toward Nixon allowed Trickster operatives like Al Haig and Donald Rumsfeld to stay out of prison and remain in public service as it were Maybe Jerry was too nice by half.

    19. Gerald Ford was a pretty darned good President and accomplished a good deal in his less than 3 years in office For example he recognized the global energy crisis and took action, cut the inflation rate in half boosting the US economy, healed the country with a pardon of Nixon, a courageous act whose value is only now being recognized Genuinely a good guy.

    20. I think this will be good for someone who does not know much about the presidency as a starting point However, I found it dry and uninteresting for someone who has been reading presidential biographies for a little while The author concentrated on the positive parts of President Ford s presidency while ignoring or just touches upon the controversial policy decisions

    21. This was a good book Informative I did not know much about Ford and I think he is largely a misunderstood, often forgotten president, the White House s substitute teacher but I do agree that he was the right man at the right time for the job And I think as the years go on, history will look upon him favorably.

    22. Excellent coverage and readable Fair perspective with growing appreciation for this president and the times of national turmoil I especially like the personal insight of him as a good human being I like the context of the times and the awareness of leadership Ford provided in a culture of turmoil and eruptive emotions.

    23. I didn t think much of the author s style, so it must ve been pretty good, but not good enough to be noticed and therefore given 5 stars Gerald Fors was a surprisingly great president He may have not been the brightest but he was smarter than we will even know and respected his office and duty.

    24. I tried to like him he ended the Vietnam War, he put Watergate behind us, and he was excellent past president However, in the end, that fact that he was a strong supporter of Nixon and brought Cheney and Rumsfeld into the Whitehouse for the first time outweigh the positives.

    25. This was a good introduction to people like me with a poor working knowledge 1970s politics and Gerald Ford in general It s an easy read probably meant for the unpolitical, but I still learned a lot and enjoyed it very much.

    26. Another good entry in this series What do you do when your President resigns under a cloud You suck it up and move ahead Jerry Ford eventually got the recognition he deserved for handling a tough situation with common sense.

    27. Our long national nightmare is over, this book was a snooze It basically just touched on the major themes of Fords life and presidential career Fords presidency had come to be seen in a much better light since he lost to Carter I need to read a in depth profile.

    28. Good to understand what was going on at the time I remember 1976, but was too young to realize everything that was happening He was doomed to failure from the start He seemed to be doing what he thought was best at the time.

    29. Good, concise history of both Ford s life and US politics in the mid 70 s In other words, a very good explainer on the transition from Nixon to Carter, and ultimately Reagan.

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