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A Song of Ice and Fire George R.R. Martin A Song of Ice and Fire George R R Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire series has become in many ways the gold standard for modern epic fantasy Martin dubbed the American Tolkien by Time magazine has created a world that is as

  • Title: A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Author: George R.R. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780345529053
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • A Song of Ice and Fire George R.R. Martin George R R Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire series has become, in many ways, the gold standard for modern epic fantasy Martin dubbed the American Tolkien by Time magazine has created a world that is as rich and vital as any piece of historical fiction, set in an age of knights and chivalry and filled with a plethora of fascinating, multidimensional characters that youGeorge R R Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire series has become, in many ways, the gold standard for modern epic fantasy Martin dubbed the American Tolkien by Time magazine has created a world that is as rich and vital as any piece of historical fiction, set in an age of knights and chivalry and filled with a plethora of fascinating, multidimensional characters that you love, hate to love, or love to hate as they struggle for control of a divided kingdom It is this very vitality that has led it to be adapted as the HBO miniseries Game of Thrones This bundle includes the following novels A GAME OF THRONES A CLASH OF KINGS A STORM OF SWORDS A FEAST FOR CROWS
    A Song of Ice and Fire George R.R. Martin

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      George R.R. Martin

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    1. After putting off starting this series for a month or so I mean, really, these books are WHOPPERS , I decided I was finally ready to give it a whirl Now, with than half of the first book A Game of Thrones Song of Fire and Ice under my belt, I say, Where have you been hiding, my dear It seems I ve been waiting for you my whole life Like any new romance, it is constantly on my mind, and I find myself wishing there were hours in a day, so it could fill those too I read when I wake up in the morni [...]

    2. I am given to understand that G.R.R.Martin is an accomplished and beloved author And I admit that these four books are the only G.R.R.Martin books I have read So take this review with that in mind.G.R.R.M appears to have no concept of formulating a story arc around a central character or characters around which the plot or plots revolves, spanning problem to resolution and ultimately reaching some sort of conclusion Instead, he seems extremely fond of creating lists of extremely detailed made up [...]

    3. Just finished Storm of Swords WOW Never have I read a series with intricate layers of the past affecting the present plot lines The past is very slowly revealed to us, and motives and explanations take a while to surface I can t believe we still don t know the full back story by the 3rd book, nor do we even have the events of the first book adequately explained by the third book But we re getting there Never have I ever read a book where the character s wounds actually affect them for a while a [...]

    4. It feels a little insane to review this entire series with one swing, especially considering that each book is like 800 pages, depending on the book and the format But they are really intended as one big piece of work and I don t feel like writing a review of each separately anyway, so here goes for the record I have read all 5, though for the first 3 books it was about 10 years ago.In the 1990 s, disgruntled TV writer George R R Martin decided to shake free of the budgetary restraints and censo [...]

    5. As a woman, the first several chapters of ASOFAI were very disturbing to me the lack of a strong female character and the violence against women made me nearly put the books down.I m glad I didn t.Martin invests himself in every character he writes, and it shows The men and women in the series show strength, resourcefulness and really grow as characters, and to give up early is to miss the process of maturation the characters themselves go through, especially Danaerys Dani begins the series as a [...]

    6. Ok Read the 4 books Liked it less the I read The only people of virtue are destroyed one after the other Everyone else is corrupt and SO vulgar There are about 100 too many characters and I got bored with all the minute details about each unimportant one When you have to have a 30 page compendium of names and allegiances at the back of the book to make sense of it all, that s just too many Sufficiently curious to see how it all ends, but will be checking them out at the library Not worth spendi [...]

    7. The writing, setting, and intrigue are fantastic However, Martin methodically kills off every good and likable character We re left with a work that is, at best, grey And at worst, one full of black characters.I have read and loved many bleak books The Road, Black Company but no author seems to take pleasure I killing off characters like Martin.

    8. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS BEWARE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Captivating Enthralling Frightening.Thrilling MASTERPIECE.And so on This series is so many things, all at once Ultimately, it is brilliant, and if you haven t already you need to get your hands on some copies and delve right in Right now Be aware this is NOT a series for those that like the light and fluffy There s some heavy stuff in this sex, violence, rape, incest, murder, mystery, political intrigue There s a bit of everything in here, somethi [...]

    9. I admit it, I started watching the HBO series first, fell in love with the story and decided I had to read the books Unfortunately I don t have a lot of time for fun reading I teach but I m still trekking my way through what is proving to be a hard book to put down Not sure yet which I enjoy since Peter Dinklage s interpretation of the Tyrion Lannister character is SO incredibly good he has definitely earned all the awards he has been winning for the role and then there are the impressive perfo [...]

    10. What can I say I don t think words can describe how quickly and absolutely I fell in love with these books and the world G.R.R Martin has created I devoured all of the books in a short space of time, and am impatiently waiting for the 6th It took me a few chapters to get used to the style of writing, but the use of the omniscient narrator and the multiple point of views really sets these books above the rest, in my humble opinion I m not a big fantasy fan, and I d never heard of Martin until I w [...]

    11. This author has been compared to Tolkein Not even close Tolkein wrote great characters, good and evil and in between This guy makes up and kills off people so fast all you know about everyone is that they are craven or a raper The violence and raping is an overwhelming part of this book, not the story of the characters in the book I am a persistent almost obsessive reader and I was mildly interested in a few of the characters so I actually finished all 4 of these books I will not be reading book [...]

    12. 8 19 17 Rereading for the second time, starting with Volume 1, _A Game of Thrones_ Following comments were from my first reading in 2012 I loved the mini series, and the books are exactly like it Dialogue for the most part is verbatim Sooo exciting Wow, so good First volume was finished 7 12 12 Now I m starting on the next volume The first was over 800 pages long, and the second is over 900 pages I hope I live long enough to read all of these.8 28 12 Finished the second volume, A Clash of Kings, [...]

    13. the characters are shallow and hollow they are presented with only one or two qualities and those are pushed at every opportunity sam the coward, cersei the crazy bitch, ned the honourable, etc Or you have others that are talked up a lot but dont present any of the qualities they are alleged to have, like tywin the main plot mover is the death of characters and introduction of new ones which really gets old and some of the deaths are really lazily done birthing shadows to kill off some people be [...]

    14. Dear George R.R Martin if that s your real name ,It is known You are one sick, sick mofo With A Song of Ice and Fire, you have fleshed out and made explicit everything that was probably happening behind the scenes in Lord of the Rings, the night being dark and full of terrors and all The things that tweedy, Norse epic poem lovin J.R.R Tolkien probably didn t even think about The things that probably DID get written about in the early days of BBS slash fiction Which you yourself were probably wri [...]

    15. A Song of Ice and Fire is well written The problem is the evil people are the heroes and the good people fail and die I see enough of that in the real world, I don t want to encounter the same depressing state of affairs in my fantasy worlds, too Also, it sets a bad moral example encouraging readers to be morally corrupt and behave in a way that ultimately destroys societies I guess that s why Hollywood has leaped on the chance to make a movie series from it.Another issue while the story is grip [...]

    16. If FEAST OF THE CROWS were the first title of the Song of Ice and Fire Series, I d never have read the quadrilogy The previous sequels were on the edge of your seat exciting and hard to put down FEAST OF THE CROWS is the carrion of the lot Characters of import that you d expect to see, such as Tyrion, Lady Catelyn, Bran and Daenerys Targaryen were MIA, replaced by long winded, minor characters, who are long in discussion and short on action For the first time in the series, my eyes glazed over o [...]

    17. Finally, after three years of perseverance I finally finished the first four books of A Song of Ice and Fire also known as the Game of Thrones TV series on HBO.Unlike most readers on , I am not a fast reader unless a book is incredible Let me tell you, when I started with book one Game of Thrones, I hated it The book bored me to tears and I kept on saying to myself, There s MORE Whenever I d see the name Catelyn pop up in a chapter I died a little on the inside wonder why I was bothering to read [...]

    18. Spoilers in review are indicated A Song of Ice and Fire is a complicated series The differences between the first and last books are so vast it s almost impossible the review the series in one singular thought, with one cohesive rating The analogy I ve always used when comparing the series to someone who hasn t read it is the first book is a bullet, the last a painstakingly slow bulldozer The first book I turned page after page, not putting it down, reading 600 or pages in a day, and finishing [...]

    19. This is a series worthy of its hype The world Martin creates is intricate, realistic, gritty and beautifully crafted The character writing is some of the best I ve ever read, and the characters are never static, they all evolve through the books and your feelings change towards them They are never two dimensional either and I often found myself sympathising with characters who may have started out as nominally bad Martin uses the level of empathy he generates with the characters against you, and [...]

    20. OH MY GOD This book is ALL KINDS of epic If you find that you can t stick to it when you first starting read the book BE PATIENT The first 150 pages are a bit intense because there are SO many characters and so much going on but oh, once you get the hang of who s who and what s what it will just blow.your.mind It s one of those books that takes things slow and just keeps building up till it just explodes into all kinds of good stuff in the end but even when it s going slow there are some incredi [...]

    21. A great work of fantasy, with its ups and downs in terms of attention grabbing Had a few problems with Martin s style of writing at first, like he was playing at being a fantasy writer, mimicking a fantasy narrative style, instead of just writing It did get better after the second book As for the story itself, it has no shortage of shocking moments, and I love how Martin does not try to sway the readers into preferring some characters over others, or establishing a good side and an evil side In [...]

    22. Oh goodness this was quite the long haul but I made it Very excellent, dived right into ADwD Some foreshadowing, which is always fun I m enjoying trying to decide which side various characters are REALLY on.Starting a re read as of 7 9 16

    23. George R.R Martin is not shy about creating a fantasy world of great complexity, peopling it with many characters, some of whom are noble, some clever, some conniving, and some downright evil He probably felt empowered by the fact that he shares the rare phenomena of two middle names, both beginning with R, with the other epic fantasy world creator of our time, J.R.R Tolkien.The times are apparently in the post dragon era, but their existence is not so long ago that they are considered mythologi [...]

    24. George R.R Martin, wowwhat a creative wind bag you are I absolutely adored these books, but you killed off nearly EVERYONE It s brilliant I don t even know where to begin Basically, these books start off telling you which way the wind blows, how everyone looks, how everyone is related to everyone else, yadda yadda Truthfully, I have to say that I put down the book in my case, I bought the four book e book pack, so book and could not continue for months because I was so frustrated Everything from [...]

    25. Book ReviewA Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin A tremendous epic of all times in which the transformation of each character is absolutely hard hitting, real and compelling The reader is forced to transcend to that era feeling the pain and ruthlessness of circumstances, and witnessing the hardening of personalities in the book.Every page pushes the reader to explore what next This very aspect is warning me to be wary of the information I render in the book review, without revealing any of [...]

    26. George R.R Martin s gritty fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire, is set in a quasi medieval world where magic is returning and winter is coming breaking onto the scene with the publication of the first volume in 1996, A Game of Thrones, it has now reached its fifth installment with 2011 s A Dance with Dragons The narrative takes place on the mythical continents of Westros and Essos told from 31 different points of view to date , it follows the bloody machinations of four major houses House Sta [...]

    27. The boxed set of the Song of Ice and Fire These books have been an amazing journey The plot is great, and the world of Westeros and everything around it compelling and easy to plunge into I give it an overall 4 stars The saga is great, no question about it, but Martin could have made it in fewer pages I guess it was intentional, the world evolved with its popularity, and even so after the HBO series So he took pains to describe it in minute detail, to feed the need for escapism of so many of us [...]

    28. volume one Absolutely riveting, epic fantasy The supernatural elements are used sparingly though that may change in later volumes, there is a storm brewing , the focus is on intrigue and war The vast cast is filled with believable characters Tyrion the imp being a personal favorite, being a slightly disappointing younger brother myself The book is almost entirely buildup for what is to come the final chapter gave me goosebumps and I m truly on board for the duration Winter is indeed coming volum [...]

    29. Reading these 4,000 pages in a row is like drinking a bottle of vodka and realizing 3 4 of the way through that you should ve paced yourself The third book is the best the first and fourth the weakest quality ranges from 5 stars to 2 stars but its a fascinating tale nonetheless.Martin is a master of cause and effect as well as character development As is true in life, all of the events in this book make sense in hindsight they can all be traced to choices characters made that reacted with the ch [...]

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