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A Good Hard Look Ann Napolitano A Good Hard Look Heartbreakingly beautiful and inescapably human ordinary and extraordinary people chart their own courses in life In the aftermath of one tragic afternoon they are all forced to look at themselves a

  • Title: A Good Hard Look
  • Author: Ann Napolitano
  • ISBN: 9781594202926
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Good Hard Look Ann Napolitano Heartbreakingly beautiful and inescapably human, ordinary and extraordinary people chart their own courses in life In the aftermath of one tragic afternoon, they are all forced to look at themselves and face up to the observation that the truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.Crippled by lupus at twenty five, celebrated author Flannery O Connor wasHeartbreakingly beautiful and inescapably human, ordinary and extraordinary people chart their own courses in life In the aftermath of one tragic afternoon, they are all forced to look at themselves and face up to the observation that the truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.Crippled by lupus at twenty five, celebrated author Flannery O Connor was forced to leave New York City and return home to Andalusia, her family farm in Milledgeville, Georgia Years later, as Flannery is finishing a novel and tending to her menagerie of peacocks, her mother drags her to the wedding of a family friend Cookie Himmel embodies every facet of Southern womanhood that Flannery lacks she is revered for her beauty and grace she is at the helm of every ladies organization in town and she has returned from her time in Manhattan with a rich fianc , Melvin Whiteson Melvin has come to Milledgeville to begin a new chapter in his life, but it is not until he meets Flannery that he starts to take a good hard look at the choices he has made Despite the limitations of her disease, Flannery seems to be alive than other people, and Melvin is drawn to her like a moth to a candle flame Melvin is not the only person in Milledgeville who starts to feel that life is passing him by Lona Waters, the dutiful wife of a local policeman, is hired by Cookie to help create a perfect home As Lona spends her days sewing curtains, she is given an opportunity to remember what it feels like to be truly alive, and she seizes it with both hands Heartbreakingly beautiful and inescapably human, these ordinary and extraordinary people chart their own courses through life In the aftermath of one tragic afternoon, they are all forced to look at themselves and face up to Flannery s observation that the truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it.
    A Good Hard Look Ann Napolitano

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    1. Onvan A Good Hard Look Nevisande Ann Napolitano ISBN 1594202923 ISBN13 9781594202926 Dar 326 Safhe Saal e Chap 2011

    2. I like to read with a pen and small notebook close by, to copy a phrase or thought or question for later reflection This book caused me to stop so often to bookmark or jot something down that it almost became a distraction A Good Hard Look may be the most thought provoking book I have read in many months.Flannery O Connor is an author I have read off and on throughout my life, drawn to her style and subjects at times, put off by her raw emotions at others, intrigued by the literary giants who we [...]

    3. The novel takes place in O Connor s small hometown of Milledgeville, Georgia There are three point of view characters in the book Melvin, the wealthy New Yorker who s relocated to marry Cookie, the town debutante, and Lona, their seamstress Melvin, Cookie, and Lona are each stilted or stifled in some way, and are in search consciously or unconsciously of a way to make their lives matter.Melvin is drawn to Flannery O Connor for her bold honesty as an escape from the extreme state of politeness in [...]

    4. The truth does not change according to our ability to stomach it, is the epigraphic quote that begins Ann Napolitano s new novel, A Good Hard Look Even if you haven t read Flannery O Connor and experienced her unflinching characterizations and situations rendered with sharp wit, you will feel as if you know her after reading this memorable portrayal Milledgeville, Georgia, the town in which O Connor lived, comes to life in Napolitano s assured hands, and its characters are just as lively and fla [...]

    5. The sleepy town of Milledgeville, Georgia, circa 1960, is about to get a colossal wake up call Tectonic shifts in social dynamics and behavior will disrupt the civil order of its typically complacent peace The high pitched yowls heard at the center of town were previously the exclusive domain of author Flannery O Connor s peacocks, housed on a 544 acre farm in Andalusia, four miles northwest of the central rural sprawl Now the muted laments of malcontents and smug inhabitants will create vast cr [...]

    6. At the young age of 39, Flannery O Connor s life ended when systemic lupus claimed her body This novel weaves a tale of the last five years of Flannery s life.A friend who shares similar reading tastes recommended this book I owe her a big thanks This book is brilliantly, powerfully written.Anyone who appreciates the writings of Flannery O Connor will find a home when reading this book It is obvious the writer researched the life of O Connor and, it is amazing that like O Connor, the author fasc [...]

    7. When I first started hearing about A good Hard Look, I thought I might not enjoy it so much since I didn t know a gosh darn thing about Flannery O Connor You notice I said that I didn t know Well, that s because this book turned out to be a great primer on Flannery.This story takes place in Milledgeville, Georgia, Flannery O Connor s hometown Flannery and her 40 some peacocks are at the center of the story throughout and, in large part, all the other relationships and stories are build around he [...]

    8. A gorgeous, profound book A GOOD HARD LOOK is a book that allows us to experience lives that are deeply human and flawed and full of hope and grief and anguish and possibility Every character confronts their best and worst selves This is no small feat And the fact that every character is grieving and yet we are left with a sense of hard won hope and a sense that yes, there is reason to have faith in something deeper, something , something indefinable and inexpressible, but no less essential for [...]

    9. I only give 5 stars to books worthy of a second read, and this one certainly is This is considered historical fiction because one of the characters is the writer, Flannery O Conner, but it is so much The writing is excellent with such well developed, complex characters and a thoroughly engaging story until the very last page I was truly touched by the vulnerability and honesty of all the characters I will remember this book long after I return it to the library.

    10. Flannery O Connor is a fairly recent historical figure with a fan base that has expanded rapidly in recent years Using her home town as a setting and figuring her prominently in a novel is bound to raise the eyebrows of her biggest fans and some of her contemporaries in Milledgeville, Georgia Having said that, Napolitano s novel is a good read She is a good writer, the story is compelling, and the reader finishes the book feeling positive about O Connor There are some moments in the book where I [...]

    11. What nerve Ann Napolitano has It takes nerve to write a novel with Flannery O Connor as a main character To set much of the story in O Connor s hometown of Milledgeville, Georgia and Andalusia, O Connor s farm To take on the very themes that O Connor explored with such artistry death, grace, faith, forgiveness, redemption To write characters whose lives will change in a second, whose fate will hinge on small moments with unthinkable consequences A stolen kiss in a car, the spreading of a blanket [...]

    12. Reminiscent of Paris Wife and Loving Frank, A Good Hard Look, stars Flannery O Connor in a supporting role Main character Melvin Whiteson and new wife Cookie have returned from NYC to her hometown of Milledgeville, GA to start their lives together You can t make up a name like Milledgeville and in fact it was the real hometown of Flannery O Connor who herself returned there from New York when she was diagnosed with lupus which ultimately claimed her life Melvin forms an unlikely and secret frien [...]

    13. Read Harder set within 100 miles of home I wish I could remember the list here on that pointed me to this book I d like to read of whatever it suggested The story engaged me from page one peacocks a black eye and a wedding and then we met Flannery O Connor The writing was beautiful and the characters were just the right mix of interesting and normal I think this will be my next bookclub pick There s a lot to discuss.

    14. A Good Hard Look is set in the small southern town of Milledgeville, Georgia, the town where Flannery O Connor spent most of her life, writing her novels and short stories on her peacock covered farm, Andalusia This novel follows a fictional series of events in Flannery and her mother Regina s lives, as well as that of other Milledgeville residents including Melvin and Cookie Whiteson, Lona Waters, and Joe Treadle There is considerable antagonism between Flannery and Cookie from Flannery because [...]

    15. A Good Hard Look is an amazing story that just might be my favorite book of 2011 The novel is a work of fiction, with author Flannery O Connor as a main character during the last few years of her life A life cut short at 39, from complication of Lupus.The story opens in the 1960 s, to the sounds of many screeching peacocks, which belonged to Flannery O Connor The author lives with her mother Regina on their farm Andalusia Milledgeville, Georgia It is the evening before the wedding of Cookie Himm [...]

    16. Character driven fiction at its best Ann Napolitano has crafted a compelling novel in the style of Southern Gothic, incorporating author Flannery O Connor and her mother Regina into fictional situations with a cast of unforgettable characters.Young and beautiful Cookie Himmel is the quintessential Southern belle During a disastrous New York experiment, she meets rich and handsome Melvin Whiteson who follows her back to Milledgeville Determined to start anew in his wife s hometown, Melvin finds h [...]

    17. The local celebrity in Milledgeville, Georgia, is Flannery O Connor Raised in the town, Flannery moved to New York to pursue a writing career She is making headway when she receives the same diagnosis of lupus that killed her father Flannery s disease moves quickly and at the age of twenty five, she is back home in Milledgeville at the family farm, Andalusia She spends her time writing and raising peacocks the fierce, proud birds touching a chord in her She is the local star, yet feared by many [...]

    18. Ann Napolitano is brave Fictionalizing a prominent person in history would make most writers nervous, but making that person such an important and central figure to the plot well, I think many of us would prefer to leave that to the likes of Napolitano In A Good Hard Look, Flannery O Connor takes the stage with a backdrop of her hometown, Milledgeville, Georgia O Connor and Milledgeville are both crafted with great care and grace it is evident the author not only researched her subjects, but han [...]

    19. A Good Hard Look completely lived up to every single expectation I had In fact, it might have exceeded them I am always wary of historical fiction novels that feature real life people In the case of A Good Hard Look, that person is Flannery O Connor I ve haven t read much by Flannery O Connor, just a story here and there, but I ve been intrigued by her for a while now A Good Hard Look just made me interested in O Connor and her fiction.The separate plots in this novel weave together beautifully [...]

    20. Ann Napolitano has written a novel that is as good and as uncomfortable as one of Flannery O Connor s stories A Good Hard Look recreates Flannery s hometown of Milledgeville, Georgia in the 1960 s The story starts the night before the wedding of the town s most beautiful Southern Bell, Cookie Himmel and her wealthy fianc Melvin Whiteson Cookie has everything planned she knows what she wants in life, and Melvin thinks he is ready to start over in her world Until he meets Flannery O Connor, whose [...]

    21. i don t know about you, but if i am going into a fictionalized version of flannery o connor, i go in expecting things to be a bit dark and twisty so i am glad ann napolitano went down those paths and embraced the complicated and wicked sad sides of life while o connor is part of a larger cast of characters, and the novel isn t solely about her, i enjoyed the portrait created in this book and she certainly serves as the centre around which the action and characters move having read much of o con [...]

    22. Starts out really well A southern night electrified by the screaming of peacocks, a bride to be huddles on the floor besieged by nerves and bedeviled by the crying of the peaccoks A fine wedding marred by a bruised and swollen eye and an unusual gift Ann Napolitano s new book, A Good Hard Look, is taut, relevant, and richly imagined This novel, set in Flannery O Connor s hometown of Milledgeville is emotoinally charged and exceptionally well written I hums with life Under Naploitano s close scru [...]

    23. This was definately a Goodread Put into my hand by my eldest nephew, I totally enjoyed this story written by an author that I had never read before Set in Millidgeville, GA is there such a town ,it is about life in a very tightly knit community What happens when everything changes because of choices that characters make Everything changes in an instant, and nothing can be altered in the state before People are changed forever Wonderful writing Thought provoking and insiteful I enjoyed it immensl [...]

    24. This was indeed a good read I have been interested in the writing of Flannery O Conor for a long time and this has prompted me to relook at some of her writing At first I thought that I couldn t relate to any of the characters in the book, but as I read on I found myself drawn into the story and the characters I found myself struck by and needing to re read many observations and insights that seemed to capture issues we all wrestle with A good read that I will probably read again.

    25. I enjoyed this book very much There were some things I felt were inconsistent with the time setting, but the story was quite engaging I liked the references to O Connor s writing and found it plausible that she may have written in the fashion the author described Parts were heart wrenching and elicited emotions that I don t usually have when reading fiction Maybe it was the Milledgeville connection I recommend it as a good read

    26. From the beginning of this book there is a sense of tension and forboding, a wedding and the screams of peacocks Beautifully written love the words and this fictional portrayal of Flannery O Conner and the twon she lived in I have to say that I have never read anything by her but just as with The Parils Wife, everyone wanted to read Moveable Feast, I now want to read Flannery.

    27. Milledgeville got me here, but Flannery O Connor and Ann Napolitano held me here My parents grew up in Milledgeville, migrated to Florida, met and married, proving that Georgia red clay doesn t stick to everyone s feet I willed Flannery to defy history and live and I can t forsake the characters of this novel nor the improbable circumstances that bind us all I m a fan

    28. So glad we picked this for book club Haven t read much Flannery O Connor, but this fictional account of her brings her and the small town she lived in very much to life Interesting characters, fascinating stories and a most enjoyable and thought provoking read.

    29. Excellent fictional account featuring Flannery O Connor as a main character I really enjoyed this one More review to come.

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