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Dracula in Love Karen Essex Dracula in Love This is a Bound Galley From the shadowy banks of the River Thames to the wild and windswept coast of Yorkshire the quintessential Victorian virgin Mina Murray vividly recounts in the pages of her pri

  • Title: Dracula in Love
  • Author: Karen Essex
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dracula in Love Karen Essex This is a Bound Galley From the shadowy banks of the River Thames to the wild and windswept coast of Yorkshire, the quintessential Victorian virgin Mina Murray vividly recounts in the pages of her private diary the intimate details of what transpired between her and Count Dracula the joys and terrors of a passionate affair and her rebellion against a force of evil that ha This is a Bound Galley From the shadowy banks of the River Thames to the wild and windswept coast of Yorkshire, the quintessential Victorian virgin Mina Murray vividly recounts in the pages of her private diary the intimate details of what transpired between her and Count Dracula the joys and terrors of a pas sionate affair and her rebellion against a force of evil that has pursued her through time.Mina s version of this timeless gothic vampire tale is a visceral journey into the dimly lit bedrooms, mist filled cemeteries, and locked asylum chambers where she led a secret life, far from the chaste and polite lifestyle the defenders of her purity, and even her fianc , Jonathan Harker, expected of her.Bram Stoker s classic novel was only one side of the story Now, for the first time, Dracula s eternal muse reveals all What she has to say is sensual, devious, and enthralling than ever imagined The result is a scintillating gothic novel that reinvents the tragic heroine Mina as a modern woman tor tured by desire
    Dracula in Love Karen Essex

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    One thought on “Dracula in Love”

    1. First off, the title is misleading There is no love involved in this story There s a lot of lust, but no evidence of stronger feelings And since this is told in Mina s first person POV, we don t get to know Dracula or his feelings at all I wanted to put this down around page 50 after reading an awful, cringe worthy description of masturbation, but I felt obligated to keep reading The whole novel is like one long mindtrip, and in the end it just didn t make a lot of sense to me and there were sev [...]

    2. 4 ish.Dracula in Love isn t just a fill in the gaps retelling of Dracula, fleshing out the story from Mina s point of view No, it is a sort of feminist retelling in which Mina asserts that the story that everyone knows, the story that s been told by men, is false True to their Victorian beliefs and mor s, the men have cast the women of the story as either saints of harridans, relegating them to sidelines to seethe or swoon as they may But thinking, feeling, intelligent Mina isn t having it There [...]

    3. Beach Vacation Read 6 My habit of borrowing any ebook that sounds remotely interesting does not always pay off DNF.This is dire It starts off with high purple prose in its pseudo Victorian way, and it only gets worse from there The heroine is sexually assaulted by page 11 and spends half her time during the assault fretting about what other people would think of her morals, in particular what her fianc would think In my mind, I saw Jonathan receive the news, his stricken face turning white, shyi [...]

    4. I think Karen Essex has some beautiful prose She has a sensual, seductive, and wonderfully descriptive way of writing that lured me in and made me think this would be a wonderful book I love gothic books, and Dracula in Love is definitely that.The problem with this book is there isn t much of Dracula in it Two hundred words in, and he still hadn t made much of an appearance The book wasn t really about him, or his love Yes, I got caught up in the rather fascinating story about the horror of hyst [...]

    5. The dustcover of this book promises Karen Essex breathes startling new life into the characters of Bram Stoker s Dracula While it s true her novel is a retelling of the Dracula story from Mina Murray s point of view, there s nothing startling or lively about her characters I was intrigued at first, reading through a few chapters with hopeful enthusiasm Fifty pages in, I was both disatisfied and bored The only thing startling about the book were a few egregious sexual scenes and the complete abse [...]

    6. Okay, feminist Dracula Where do I start with you I think I read Dracula for the first time at around eight years old I can remember the exact book, where I got it, what I felt everything And I loved it It s a classic And in case you ve been living under a rock for forever, it s a Victorian novel And yeah the biting is a metaphor for sex.I mention this for two reasons one, because this novel contains some very un Victorian ideas and there s less metaphor for sex and actual sex And it wasn t the [...]

    7. What an awful book I thought, having read Twilight, that the reading market was sated no, bloated with fluff about fey blood suckers and their fetchingly helpless prey adoring idiot girls with poor judgment Sadly I was wrong, as this latest offering proved As usual with these latest examples of the airport novel genre, the writing is just satisfactory enough to offer up a hope soon dashed that the book in question will offer some point of originality, perhaps in character development, or strikin [...]

    8. Everyone remembers Bram Stoker s Dracula It was a tale of horror and everyone knew that vampires were the bad guys But were they Karen Essex takes Stoker s tale and gives it a twist Following the same timeline, using the same characters and written in much of the same format Dracula in Love gives a total different view.In the Prologue of the book, Mina Murray Harker states Unlike most people whose lives remain private, my story has been written by another, sold for money and offered to the publi [...]

    9. This is a terrible book Not only is it derivative in concept and lacking in style, but it s also incredibly lazy If you re going to write a faux Victorian novel then I would think it wise to do at least some very basic research first, in order that it isn t full of glaring errors With the best will in the world, even if the book had been otherwise fantastic it would have been hard not to laugh at an Anglo Irish Victorian lady shouting at Dracula Quit following me , or the sight of vultures swoop [...]

    10. About A new take on Bramstoker s Dracula but told from the POV of Mina.Descriptive Words compelling, romantic, sexy, seductive.Location or characters you met Mina I liked Mina when I watched the movie Bramstoker s Dracula and honestly it was Winona Ryder s face that I envisioned as I read this story She is a character that I could relate to She s someone who wants to please others, doesn t want anyone to think ill of her, yet she has this dark side that she s reluctant to admit to or even to tal [...]

    11. My eyes were riveted to the pages throughout the entire read Does that give you clue as to how much I liked this book It ought to, but just in case it did not, I loved this story I feel a tad guilty that I liked this book far better than Stoker s Dracula, as if I am not literary enough for Stoker, but whatever, I cannot deny the trance that Dracula in Love put over me I cannot deny that it did indeed captivate and keep me throughout the whole story It sucked me into the story, and the lives of t [...]

    12. Ok, once I got past a nasty near rape scene that opens the book, but does not seem to serve any other purpose other than to shock and disgust the reader, I was determined to read the book and give it a chance, because the book description promised hours of great read Well, I should have quit right there I do not think Mina and Dracula as a fairies angle worked for this particular story There is so much thrown into the plot that clashes together women s rights, history of psychiatry, medicine, Av [...]

    13. I shouldn t like this so well Dracula is supposed to be a sexy alpha male but he struck me as a whining, sulking man child Still, I m a sucker for gothic trappings, and the mixture of vampire and view spoiler sidhe hide spoiler lore was interesting I thought the section set in the view spoiler asylum hide spoiler was chilling probably because of its historical accuracy.

    14. Dracula in Love claims to be a retelling of the Mina Dracula relationship from Bram Stoker s classic novel, Dracula However, the story told by Essex is at best misleading and at worse implausible and annoying Here s why 1 The characters were inconsistent Their personalities were all over the place, not a single one of them constant Jonathan Harker was a good man, then a bad man, then a good man Morris Quince was a rotten scoundrel who wasn t.The doctors from the lunatic asylum who treated women [...]

    15. There seem to be quite a few books about Count Dracula lately Maybe the popularity of vampires is making people re visit the original popular vampire Dracula in Love is far, far better than Dracula the Un Dead and less boring than The Historian It s got plenty of mildly graphic sex and sexual fantasy for those who like that kind of thing, but isn t so over the top that it s gulp inducing for those who don t My biggest complaint is the way it twists Bram Stoker s story and puts a completely ridic [...]

    16. Word of warning do not read this book when you are out say babysitting and have to leave the house at 11PM I jumped at every little noise.That said Wow This was quite the read Michelle Moran, on the cover, dubs this the Twilight for adults and in a way, she s right Only in this case, Mina as the new Bella, is not quite so chaste.Wow, I m still trying to wrap my head around this book Okay, so for those of you younger readers, this is really, really steamy in parts Don t fall for the Twilight hook [...]

    17. This book tells the story of Dracula from Mina Harker s perspective As the story unfolds you see the connection between Mina and the Count unfold from the time she was little til he revealed himself when she was older We learn of their life together not only in this time setting but also in the past How they have been connected over many lifetimes as soul mates It was a love that didn t know the boundaries of time We also see the cultural changes taking place with women during this time in histo [...]

    18. Truly enjoyed this read At first I was unsure as the book seemed to be a bit slow getting started but as the story unfolded I found myself eagerly turning the pages This tale encourages me to return to Dracula by Bram Stoker which I put down after about 100 pages because I couldn t get into it and or my imagination was getting the best of me Or, perhaps I just wasn t in the mood for it At any rate Karen Essex explains how she came to be interested in Mina enough to write this tale She found the [...]

    19. Oh, what I can I say I didn t like this one at all, despite the author trying very very hard to come up with a new angle on the Dracula story If I had not read this on my nook, I would have made a deep hole in the living room wall with it For the complete review, please go here epinions review Karen_

    20. In the author s note to Dracula in Love, Karen Essex asks her readers to take the book in the spirit of fun and adventure in which it was written Which I do it is a clever book, better written than I could have expected, and very thoughtful I appreciate it I appreciate what Essex is doing, the very intelligent way in which she is lovingly dialoguing with her source text This is a legitimately good novel, despite the ill suited Proust allusion of the title which makes it sound like a cheap romanc [...]

    21. POTENTIAL SPOILERS Well, this was certainly unexpected The book got a lot of bad and mediocre reviews, so naturally, I assumed I would love this book I didn t I don t hate the book, but it failed to really leave much of an impact on me There were PARTS of the book I liked If just those parts were combined together, then there would probably be a really good story I liked the parts where it actually followed the events of the book, except from Mina s perspective I liked how it was written in the [...]

    22. Historical novelist extraordinaire, Karen Essex, takes Stoker s story and infuses new life into the old work.The story opens with a promise from Mina Harker to the reader The year is 1897, and in the wake of Bram Stoker s Dracula story being released, Mina wants to set the record straight and tell her side of events, lest Stoker s fanciful imagination carry the truth away with time and embellishment.The year is 1890, and Mina Murray soon to be Harker awaits the return of her fianc e from his wor [...]

    23. I admire the attempt to make Dracula a sex positive story, if that s what this can be called There is a fair amount of sex, and it focuses almost entirely on the female pleasure and sexuality that was so demonized by the original That s cool in my book It seems like female pleasure is still something that society at large is uncomfortable with discussing Although I was confused about how Ursulina and her crew fit into this so called sex positive retelling, because they seem to be just as demoni [...]

    24. Blood is the true love potion Remember He twisted my long black hair around his hand, sweeping it from the curve of my neck, where he buried his face His lips worked their way up to my ear There is no going back, Mina, not this time I am answering your call And you have answered mine No, I said No going back I knew what he was going to do because he had done it before My body remembered the sensation of it, and my every nerve heightened with expectation I knew the danger and the pleasure, but th [...]

    25. One sentence summary Mina Murray tells all, news at eleven.Review I m not a vampire girl when it comes to supernatural affections But I love classic vampire stories so I was willing to give this book a try since it was a spin off of the original And having been introduced the possibility of a Mina Murray with some real oomph thanks to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen the graphic novels, not the film I ve been eagerly awaiting her incarnation in popular literature Karen Essex s Mina comes close [...]

    26. The reception for this novel seems to fall into one of two camps Unfortunately, I am one of those readers that was expecting a little something I haven t had such an urge to slap a character around since Jane Eyre I felt Mina and Jane were very similar characters in the sense they both were always changing their minds literally in the same paragraph, and sometimes before even finishing a complete thought and they both decided that their lives would be better spent with men who had broken their [...]

    27. The advertisement for Dracula in Love by Karen Essex said If you read only one vampire novel, let it be this one That s a pretty bold statement so I took the bait Dracula as told by Mina Sounds pretty tasty, right I bit pun intended on the posting for an advance copy In hindsight, I should have probably just followed my gut telling me there s too much vampire fiction out there for all of it to be worthy of the hype.While reading, I found myself comparing Essex s retelling of Dracula with the or [...]

    28. This was an odd book I read the author notes and the author wanted to explore the Dracula story from the woman s point of view because apparently Bram Stoker portrays women in a bad light in his novel I have not read Bram Stoker s Dracula so I cannot comment on that I will admit to skimming much of the book and only stopping to read what interested me I found the endless details of Min s life as a school teacher boring and her friends boring and the whole interlude with Lucy and her secret lover [...]

    29. Mina Murray is here to set the record straight The red headed Irish writer got it all wrong Dracula was not trying to control her in order to thwart Jonathon Harker wait, that happens in this book, too Women with normal sexual appetites that is, a physical attraction to men were treated as crazy and dangerous.well, there is that entire section where Mina is committed against her will in the insane asylum The male characters in Stoker s novel thought themselves morally and intellectually superior [...]

    30. Karen Essex did an incredible job retelling Bram Stokers Dracula Dracula In Love was told from Mina s perspective, and I loved it just as much as the original.Review from bookflameThe first half of the novel was a lot of background information on Mina, which I found interesting The novel really picked up for me when we got to the asylum I was reading Dracula In Love in the middle of the night so yes, I was slightly creeped out but couldn t stop myself from turning the page Essex did a great job [...]

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