Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life #2020

Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life Richard Rohr Falling Upward A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life A fresh way of thinking about spirituality that grows throughout life In Falling Upward Fr Richard Rohr seeks to help readers understand the tasks of the two halves of life and to show them that thos

  • Title: Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life
  • Author: Richard Rohr
  • ISBN: 9780470907757
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life Richard Rohr A fresh way of thinking about spirituality that grows throughout life In Falling Upward, Fr Richard Rohr seeks to help readers understand the tasks of the two halves of life and to show them that those who have fallen, failed, or gone down are the only ones who understand up Most of us tend to think of the second half of life as largely about getting old, dealing witA fresh way of thinking about spirituality that grows throughout life In Falling Upward, Fr Richard Rohr seeks to help readers understand the tasks of the two halves of life and to show them that those who have fallen, failed, or gone down are the only ones who understand up Most of us tend to think of the second half of life as largely about getting old, dealing with health issues, and letting go of life, but the whole thesis of this book is exactly the opposite What looks like falling down can largely be experienced as falling upward In fact, it is not a loss but somehow actually a gain, as we have all seen with elders who have come to their fullness.Explains why the second half of life can and should be full of spiritual richness Offers a new view of how spiritual growth happens loss is gain Richard Rohr is a regular contributing writer for Sojourners and Tikkun magazines This important book explores the counterintuitive message that we grow spiritually much by doing wrong than by doing right.
    Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life Richard Rohr

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    1. As part of my continuing exploration of spiritual books in preparation for a June retirement, I decided, on the recommendation of a trusted few, to read Richard Rohr s Falling Upward A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life I am glad I did.Rohr has helped me realize that much of the impatience and frustration I have been feeling with certain trends in my profession I am a teacher at a Catholic high school may derive from the fact that my own path has moved beyond the institutional structures th [...]

    2. I ve been reading this book slowly about a chapter every week, for the past several months partly because I loved and wanted to savor it, partly because it s so rich that I couldn t take in too much at once Fr Rohr is a Franciscan priest with a particularly capacious sense of what it means to be Christian which I m not, but this feels like a book about Christianity that is really for everyone He draws on Buddhism and Jungian thought as well as twelve step programs and the teachings of Jesus, and [...]

    3. I ve finished reading Falling Upward by Fr Rohr Not only that but also, I am familiar with much of his research material I ve read Bourgeault s Centering Prayer Chodron s Start Where You Are rather much of the Jung, the Xavier, and Pearson s Six Archetypes We Live By When you read a Kindle edition, you don t usually find the bibliography until last There isn t a huge option for an early thumb through.The index of words, some explained and others neglected, is missing Taoism, but the idea of fall [...]

    4. I was less than impressed with this book I did find a few nuggets of wisdom, but as with much of Rohr s writings it seems as if he thinks his readers need simplistic explanations, and as always it s very self referential Rohr s good thoughts are too often marred in his writings by a sense that he is not sharing a journey but lecturing to poor souls who aren t able to get his profound wisdom And since a great deal of what he says is not profound, it get annoying The worst section was when he pres [...]

    5. Richard Rohr is a Catholic priest and founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, NM This book examines the arc of spiritual growth through our adult lives, using concepts from psychology and mythology to help illuminate the transitions that lead us on this spiritual journey The sub title, A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life invokes Carl Jung s idea of two halves of life the 1st where we internalize rules, discover who we are, enter a career, marriage, etc We build t [...]

    6. This book was uncanny in clarifying many of the often confusing inner movements of my life in the past 5 years Could it be that I have been encountering a falling upward from a first half of life into a second half of life Although there is a newly acquired peace and softness that comes with this falling Rohr reminds us that we do not attain this second half of life simply as a factor of our chronological age In fact, he speaks of how deeply saddened he is whenever he finds old folks stuck in fi [...]

    7. I was attracted to this book first by the title and then by the cover And then I thought I have for myself a wonderful book when I read its introduction it promises a lot of things I was looking for But alas it feel from the sky to the very depths of the underworld I could not continue with it and stopped at Chapter 6 with 6 chapters to go I was indeed looking forward to read about what it means to build a life in Christ I did know from the start that Richard Rohr is a Catholic priest, but litt [...]

    8. God hides and is found, precisely in the depths of everything.Sin is to stay on the surface of even holy things Once you touch upon the Real, there is an inner insistence that the Real, if it is the Real, has to be forever This book is a guide for realizing your path, shedding your excess and becoming wiser Its definitely not suited for most people under 40 As it states, it defines and targets the second phase of ones life where most of the tools in your toolbox from the first phase that were so [...]

    9. A Short second reading review I still think that this is an overall helpful book But I was irritated by the platitudes this read There are wisdom all over this book The overall theme is a good and important one But because you sound esoteric, does not mean you are wise There are lots of instances where I just wish he would speak clearly without so many wise quotes Some of those quotes really are helpful the second full review is on my blog at bookwi falling upward Short review This is a book ab [...]

    10. Be Not Afraid to Fall UpwardI have given this book as a gift to somewhere between 40 and 50 people, which tells you how much I like it It is one of the finest books I have read on the spiritual journey I am considering using it in a spirituality and work class that I teach, even though the students are not at mid life I think the book addresses important concepts relevant to people of all ages, and all faiths.I have read many of Richard Rohr s books, and this is amongst my favorites While someti [...]

    11. I didn t actually read this book, I listened to it on CDs as told by the author with my husband Maybe the best day of the vacation was listening to six hours of tapes on my journey home ripe with the quest to explore in depth spiritually We had conversations that were new to us Finally able to ask the right questions and free enough to risk responding openly as we see it now, knowing we are incomplete, but seeking wholeness I love Richard s incorporation of quotes from spiritual leaders of all [...]

    12. Mr Rohr does us all a service with this gem by applying Jungian thought and Joseph Campbell mythology to spirituality By doing so, he has tapped into a deeper strata of the religious life and requested we all take the Hero s Quest with him.Beginning with the plight of Odysseus, love the homeric reference material Rohr highlights that the quest will be fraught with danger and temptation and will always be an invitation to go even further than what the initial task requires Home is where the heart [...]

    13. I love Richard Rohr and feel he is one of the wisest and spiritually alive people I know But I don t think he is a very good writer He is abstract, goes off on tangents, and often requires multiple readings to connect his ideas and grasp his point He even sounds a little smug at times in his wisdom Still, if I was as wise, I am sure I would be much worse There is a lot to take in and digest here about what is needed for the second stage of life and Richard is a wonderful guide It is worth strugg [...]

    14. If you re expecting a book about how the gospel and following Jesus lead us to maturity and into the second half of life , this is not the book for you That was what I expected from a Franciscan priest Father Richard Rohr has strayed so far from orthodoxy that anything and everything Buddhism, Islam, Zen Masters and some out of context teachings of Jesus can lead us to the second half of life In this second half, he encourages us to to fall down and get back up through our own enlightenment abou [...]

    15. It has been a long time since I wrote in the margins of a book, or even underlined anything I found myself pulling out a pen to highlight much of what Father Rohr had to say I give away almost every book I read But this one is a keeper Rohr writes about the two halves of life, focusing on the second half the half neglected by society, but the wisdom of which is desperately needed He explains what should, but often doesn t happen in that first half of life the consequences of our permanent cultu [...]

    16. Being well into my second half of life and having read several other books on human development and spirituality, I was interested in reading this one also because some good friends recommended it The book is well worth reading and thinking about Fr Rohr has many good things to say But I found it less helpful to me than other books like it.Many of his most helpful and thoughtful sayings are mixed with what read like simplistic put downs of people living according to what he describes as the firs [...]

    17. Easily the most important book I have read for understanding my own spiritual journey since Thomas Merton s Seven Storey Mountain More importantly, Fr Rohr s descriptions of the two halves of life explain precisely why the Church lacks mentors so many Church leaders across traditions over the last one hundred years never transitioned from the first half of life to the second, never moved from being completely fixated on building something to a mature spirituality that would have allowed them to [...]

    18. After reading Father Richard s e mail meditations for several years, this is the first book of his I ve read This is an amazing book It is both challenging and encouraging at the same time It gives a glimpse into where we have been, and who we are to become as we move into the second half of our lives It is helping me make sense out of the course my life has taken, and shed light into where my life is headed It is encouraging to see that changes in life that seem crazy from the first half point [...]

    19. I am 48, and for the past few years, I have wondered where the Church I grew up loving had gone After reading this thought provoking book by Fr Rohr, I realized that loud mouthed members of the Church just haven t been growing up as I have been, sometimes because they can t and not because they won t It reminded me that the nuns in middle school had warned me that I and my discerning heart would face great difficulties as I grew older, but that I was to persevere and stay true to my gift Fr Rohr [...]

    20. I found this book by Richard Rohr to be stimulating intellectually and spiritually It pushes us to move beyond the boxes we create in the first half of life necessary boxes to living our faith in the world outside the boxes It is a call to those of spiritual maturity to be mentors and guides to those who are newer to the journey Rohr is a Franciscan with Emergent tendencies

    21. Insightful, inclusive, gentle, thorough I am thoroughly impressed by this author and looking forward to reading of his work

    22. I have never not been preoccupied by aging and death My friends have observed that about me and exploit it for comedic effect my younger friends like to tell me what grade they or their parents were in when I passed through some key rite of passage my older friends like to remind me that I haven t been a kid for a long time and that there is a fiber rich diet in my future They laugh when they see me stress out over such comments, but I ll get the last laugh, I think the younger ones will eventua [...]

    23. Summary Richard Rohr focuses on what he sees are the key developmental tasks for each half of life, using the image of the container for the first half, and contents for the second.I ll be honest This is not a book I can wholeheartedly recommend While I found a number of useful insights, I thought the spirituality on which Rohr grounded these reflective of a blend of Eastern and Western spirituality rather than the Catholic Christianity with which Father Rohr is most closely identified For some [...]

    24. Rohr s message about the two halves of life young and old is that essentially one has to fail or descend in some way before one can rise and ascend On an obvious level, as one ages, one begins to lose strength, health, and finally life itself Some people never recover from the experience and spend all of their time lamenting their decline and fall I remember my mother, ordinarily a upbeat person, during her late 80 s saying, getting old is hell What can Rohr find about old age, the second half o [...]

    25. Richard Rohr, writer, activist, lecturer, Franciscan Priest, has lived long and reflected deeply upon that living In this small, but very weighty tome, he distills his conclusions about life being lived fully, deeply, in full awareness and completeness His words are dense, accurate and speak directly to the heart This is not a book that can be, nor needs to be, read quickly Each page, often each paragraph, holds ideas which explode into the mind and attach to the Spirit of the reader We do not m [...]

    26. By far, this is the best book I ve read on spirituality since The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning This book isn t for everyone, but for those who get it, it will become a favorite I ve already purchased two copies to give to a couple of like minded friends For those familiar with Carl Jung s idea of individuation, this book will draw the reader into a further understanding and application of this theory I am learning about myself, as I have moved into the second half of life, that I m no l [...]

    27. From interview with author What do you mean by the two halves of life The phrase two halves of life was first popularized by Carl Jung, the Swiss psychologist He says that there are two major tasks In the first half of life you ve got to find your identity, your significance you create your ego boundaries, your ego structure, what I call the creating of the container But that s just to get you started In the second half of life, once you ve created your ego structure, you finally have the coura [...]

    28. The gift of living in our time, however, is that we are and discovering that the sciences, particularly physics, astrophysics, anthropology, and biology, are confirming many of the deep intuitions of religion The universe really is inspirited matter.Affirmed for me that non church groups, the two or three gathered in deeper truth, can be meaningful than trying to find a group that meets all needs, visions, and desires Put the politics of religion aside to live with truth Hard to summarize, bu [...]

    29. This book was incredibly helpful as I come face to face with some of the mistakes of the passions of the first half of my life It brought me much comfort Caveat After chapter 7 it was much wishy washy theologically than I am comfortable with But that aside, I found the book encouraging.

    30. Any book that quotes Gerard Manley Hopkins and T.S Eliot in its first few pages is going to speak to me quite personally I knew from the outset this would be a book to be taken seriously and considered thoughtfully I guessed it might be hard work I was not wrong.Falling Upward is a book for those who are on a journey Richard Rohr illustrates his thesis with the journey of Odysseus, but the journey he describes and seeks to explain is a spiritual and emotional one and over a journey that, accordi [...]

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