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We help agencies and marketing teams make the right decisions. We don’t charge commission

Hiring right

Hiring the wrong person at the wrong level on the wrong package can be extremely harmful to your agency or business. edenYale was inspired by the recruitment challenges our consultants experienced when growing their former agency departments. As former hiring managers our senior consultants approach recruitment from your business’ perspective, and because we don’t charge commission we are only focused on what’s right for you – not us.

Our approach

No commission

We are not a recruitment agency. We will take no cut or commission. This means we can offer you honest, impartial guidance to help you through your recruitment process.

Our recruitment services include:
hiring consultancy | sourcing candidates | shortlisting candidates | interviewing | interview tasks |
salary levels | personal development plans

Working with candidates

We also work directly with candidates looking to make the jump into a more digitally-focused role. We won’t hand you a certificate or qualification, but through intensive 1-2-1 sessions we will provide you with the necessary knowledge required to progress your career.

For more information or to speak to a senior consultant about our any of our recruitment services please get in touch here.

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